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Watch for kids in school zones (and everywhere!) this summer | Safe Routes to School

Students and families cross the street near Wing Luke Elementary in Seattle, with the help of student crossing guards holding orange flags to direct traffic. Photo: SDOT

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The regular school year may have ended, but safety in school zones is important year-round! Not only are many Seattle students participating in summer programs at schools throughout the city, but kids should feel safe walking, biking, rolling, and playing around their neighborhoods at any time.

To help keep our communities safe, School Zone Flashing Beacons will be active in many school zones throughout the summer months where summer learning is happening. You can find the locations here.

Please always follow the legal speed limit of 20 miles per hour when yellow beacons are flashing or children are present in school zones. Speeding tickets in school zones are now $243.

Speed is a crucial factor in collisions on our streets each year. Higher speeds contribute to more severe crashes. You can help keep kids safe by traveling at slow and safe speeds around schools and whenever you travel. To learn more about our goal to end traffic fatalities and series injuries in Seattle, visit our Vision Zero website. We deeply appreciate your care and attention to this important matter to help keep our kids safe.

Here’s a brief progress update on some of our Safe Routes to School projects

We work all year to build new sidewalks, safer street crossings, accessible curb ramps, speed humps, flashing beacons, and other infrastructure to make getting to and from school safer for everyone. You can read a list of our current projects and completed projects on our website.

Upcoming project: Improvements at Broadview-Thomson and Cedar Park Elementary

We’re installing a variety of improvements near two schools in north Seattle, including new and widened sidewalks, expanded neighborhood greenways, new marked crosswalks, and more. For all the details, please visit the project website or read our previous blog post.

Upcoming project: Traffic calming and improved crossings near Greenwood Elementary

We’re adding speed cushions on 3rd Ave NW between 67th and 83rd and marking the crosswalks across 3rd Ave NW at 67th, 70th, 73rd, 75th, 77th, 81st, and 83rd streets to make it safer and easier for students and neighbors to cross. Additional details are available in this construction flyer.

Recent project: Wing Luke Elementary School improvements

Find the full details about this project on our website.

A dad and two young kids walk along a wide sidewalk with a stroller on a sunny day. Power lines and green vegetation are also in the image.
A dad and his young kids walk on a widened sidewalk on the way to Wing Luke Elementary School, one of several safety upgrades we completed near the school. Photo credit: SDOT

Recent project: Learning Landscapes at James Baldwin Elementary School

Find the full details about this project on our website.

Two kids jump along a recently installed Learning Landscape where colorful shapes are located on the sidewalk near a school.
Two kids enjoy the recently installed Learning Landscape play features on a sunny Seattle day. Photo credit: Ashley Rhead

Recent project: Speed humps on NW 105th St near Viewlands Elementary

A person stands by a sign that says 'new speed humps!' next to an installed speed hump on the street, with parked cars and a garbage truck in the background on a sunny day.
New speed humps help calm traffic near Viewlands Elementary school in northwest Seattle.

Bike to Books artwork coming this summer

In April 2023, we worked with school art teachers on a contest for students at Dunlap Elementary School and South Shore K-8, encouraging them to create fun and inspiring designs for bicycle sharrows that will be installed on the street (note: sharrows are painted markings that indicate where bikes and cars share sections of the street).

Twelve students will see their designs permanently installed along the neighborhood greenway in Rainier Beach, guiding students and families to “Bike to Books” from the Othello Playground through the school campuses and ending at the Rainier Beach Branch of the Seattle Public Library. We’ve digitized the art and plan to install these creations later this summer!

Artwork by children showing people riding colorful bicycles with designs such as rainbows and stars and cakes on them.
Bike to Books student artwork selected for installation in southeast Seattle this summer. Artwork by students at Dunlap Elementary and South Shore K-8 schools.

Additional resources for you and your neighbors

Help raise safety awareness in your community

You can help us encourage safety no matter how you travel. Check out some of the resources below:

Get involved in making trips to or from schools safer for everyone before the fall arrives

Helping create safer routes to school doesn’t have to wait for the new school year to start! If you’d like to get involved, start planning with some of our Safe Routes to School resources:

Thank you for helping us keep our youngest community members safe this summer and beyond.