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2nd Update: Bike and truck improvements for south end Ballard Bridge

Thanks for all of the thoughtful input! Because so many comments have been received, we need more than two days to consider them. Part of our process will include convening a small group of bicycle and freight interests to discuss feedback. Please check back in two weeks to learn more… [ Keep reading ]

Comments Needed on RPZ Program Director’s Rule

Starting in 2007, SDOT initiated a major policy review to redesign the RPZ program to better achieve City’s goals for parking management, transportation, economic development, social equity, and sustainability. On Monday, SDOT reached an important step in revising the Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ ) program and released a draft “Director’s… [ Keep reading ]

Primo parking…for bikes!

If you travel by bike to get to your favorite neighborhood cafe, store, or business district and parking is an issue, read on. SDOT’s Bike Program is looking to install more on-street bike parking for the cycling community. Three locations in the city are sporting new bike parking accommodations like the one above and your… [ Keep reading ]

Have you tweeted today?

Well we have, and we do every business day to keep Seattle residents and travelers in the know about traffic conditions. SDOT’s Traffic Management Center monitors Seattle streets and highways to keep traffic moving. You can subscribe to our Twitter feed and get traffic alerts to help you steer clear of… [ Keep reading ]

A straight path for pedestrians

Crossing the street to avoid a blocked sidewalk next to a construction zone is about to become an infrequent experience for Seattle’s walkers.  SDOT briefed the Seattle City Council Transportation Committee this morning on a proposed set of new guidelines and regulations governing pedestrian pathways around construction zones.  You can… [ Keep reading ]

Yesler Terrace’s Talented Eight

Who says urban design and transportation can’t be interesting…for teens? Certainly not the eight high school students who were participants in Seattle Housing Authority’s Yesler 2014 Summer Youth Program. Yesler 2014 aims to involve teens and young adults in the redevelopment of the Yesler Terrace neighborhood. With their help, the… [ Keep reading ]