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An update on options to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge as essential stabilization and data collection work continues

It is a big week for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and surrounding communities impacted by its closure. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, our recently-announced Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force held/will hold their first official meetings, respectively. Those conversations will kick off a rapid series of intensive briefings and meetings for the TAP and Task Force. To ensure that… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT begins search for a team to design a potential replacement of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge if we cannot repair it

Edited on 6/3/2020 to clarify that all options to repair and replace the bridge are being considered. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is continuing to urgently move forward with all options to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge as quickly as possible. While we are making rapid progress on our efforts to stabilize the bridge – an initial set of actions we… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT engages technical experts and community advocates to achieve best possible outcomes for West Seattle Bridge and community

Mayor Durkan and The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are pleased to announce today the formation of two West Seattle Bridge advisory groups – our Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and our West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force. Today’s announcement makes clear that the City is moving forward with the support and network necessary to take on the critical milestones just ahead. Mayor Durkan… [ Keep reading ]

Taking action on the ground and in the community to mitigate impacts of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure

The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure has had a dramatic effect on the West Seattle and Duwamish Valley communities, and on Seattle as a whole. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) does not take this lightly. Every day since we removed traffic from the bridge, we have been planning and… [ Keep reading ]

West Seattle High-Rise Bridge engineers prepare for everything by considering worst-case scenarios

Since the emergency closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge on March 23, 2020, we have made clear through action and deed that public safety, consistent communication, and transparency are foundational to our teams and partners. We are working with great urgency to chart the path forward for the high bridge. Today, we are sharing a Conceptual Modes of Failure Memo prepared by our structural engineering consultant, WSP, which uses careful analysis and modeling to… [ Keep reading ]

New intelligent monitoring system on West Seattle High-Rise Bridge

The new intelligent monitoring system installation is nearly complete on the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and will be fully operational mid-May. We recently shared our emergency response plan that we developed with an inter-agency task force. Seeing an emergency evacuation Fall Zone can be a little frightening, and we want to assure you that there are no current indications that we’ll… [ Keep reading ]

West Seattle Bridge Interagency Task Force prepares unified response in case of emergency

Graphics updated on 5/4/2020 at 3:50pm The West Seattle High-Rise Bridge remains stable, and the growth of cracks has slowed since we removed traffic on March 23. This is, however, an evolving situation. With safety as our number one priority, and out of an abundance of caution, we want everyone… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Selects West Seattle High-Rise Bridge stabilization contractor to carry out key repairs

We’re moving forward with West Seattle High-Rise Bridge stabilization. The City used emergency contracting authority to move with urgency in selecting a construction contractor to carry out Phase 1 stabilization work. We’re happy to announce that Kraemer North America has been selected for Phase 1 construction and work is already underway. There are three phases of repair for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge: … [ Keep reading ]

Improving 5-way intersection by Spokane Street Low Bridge

Keeping people moving through West Seattle is one of our top priorities during the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure. Concurrently, our other priorities are maintaining public safety, stabilizing the high-rise bridge, assessing repair feasibly, maintaining the Spokane Low Bridge, and clear communication and transparency. Our traffic engineers are evaluating intersections and arterial… [ Keep reading ]

West Seattle Bridge: An update on Pier 18

To stabilize the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and potentially help prevent further cracking, we need to replace the lateral bearings on Pier 18. Last week we shared the news that traffic won’t be returning to the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge in 2020 or 2021 and that we don’t yet know if repairing the bridge is feasible. We know the bridge closure has profound implications… [ Keep reading ]