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Smart Cities | The Art of Seizing Good Ideas

These days, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a city’s innovation program or office. Seattle alone has at least four. But how are these cities and agencies framing their work? And do these programs actually result in “innovative” outcomes? This year, we set out to find the nation’s leaders… [ Keep reading ]

A Near-Term Action Plan for city & regional commuters.

The One Center City Near-Term Action Plan identifies key projects and programs that will help keep people and the economy moving even as major construction projects and growth-related congestion reduce street capacity over the next 3-5 years. Without action, these pressures will slow all vehicles moving to and through the Center City,… [ Keep reading ]

BIKE SHARE | Survey’s Juicy Details!

Worldwide, bike share systems have given people an easy and convenient way to hop on a bike. In growing cities like Seattle, this helps add transportation options for people to beat congestion in a space-efficient and carbon-free way. Also, it gives added motivation to get outside and exercise! Seattle was… [ Keep reading ]

Making range anxiety old news for EV drivers.

Have you considered an electric vehicle (EV)? While EVs are better for the environment and can even be better for your pocketbook, they’re not always convenient for people who don’t have a reliable place to charge them. Even if you do have a place to charge your car at home… [ Keep reading ]

Our first Go SEA! Mobility Fair

On a typical stormy Seattle Saturday afternoon, more than 250 Yesler Terrace community members and residents stayed inside with us and came to our first Go SEA! Mobility Fair. You might be wondering, what’s a mobility fair? As part of our Transportation Equity Program, we’re working toward making affordable transportation… [ Keep reading ]

Pedal Your Way Through Seattle: 5 trails for a leisurely fall bike adventure

Whether you have more time now that the kids are back in school, or you simply want to get out and explore the city during these beautiful fall weekends with the family, recreational biking has never been easier. Enhanced biking trails with easy access from various neighborhoods, better bike rental… [ Keep reading ]

This Week, Seattle Proudly Hosts Smart Growth America, Transportation for America & Transportation Massachusetts For ‘Transportation Study Tour 2017’

Seattle welcomes Transportation for America and Smart Growth America! We’re touring with Smart Growth America (SGA) and Transportation for Massachusetts this week! Together with Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the tour will focus on our world-class transportation and people-focused projects moving Seattle and finding solutions for transportation challenges facing… [ Keep reading ]

The Future of Transportation is Now: Seattle Plans Ahead for New Mobility Innovations

SDOT has proudly released the New Mobility Playbook, a forward-thinking guide for Seattle and other cities across the nation in preparing for future innovation in transportation technology. When it comes to autonomous vehicles, for example—or dare we mention it, flying robot vehicles—how does a city embrace new technologies without changing… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Gives Power to the People…in the Right-of-Way

The City of Seattle charged forward this week on some key climate action goals when SDOT kicked off its Electric Vehicle Charging in the Public Right of Way Pilot Program (EVCROW). Yes, that’s quite a mouthful. But what EVCROW lacks in verbal eloquence, it more than makes up for in greenhouse… [ Keep reading ]