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Contribute to climate resilience, plant a tree!

Did you know we have a detailed inventory of the location, planted date, and types of trees along City rights-of-way? Seattle’s original street tree inventory was first undertaken between 1991-1993. An accurate street tree inventory is a powerful decision-making tool. Since the urban forest is not static but changes from… [ Keep reading ]

More Shade, More Gain | A Move Seattle Street Tree Story

Aaaaahhh, shade – it’s a beautiful thing. Now that summer is just a week away, we’re going to need more of it. Seattle is fortunate to have approximately 28% of its land covered with tree canopy. A conservative estimate of 300,000 street trees contributes to this amazing forest. Our Urban… [ Keep reading ]

Check out the street tree map

Have you ever wondered about the type of tree in front of your house and whether you are supposed to take care of it? Have you been curious about a certain species of tree or wondered whether it grew in your neighborhood? There is a new way to answer these… [ Keep reading ]

It’s Not Easy to be a Tree in the City

Seattle has an estimated 150,000 city trees, and of those, SDOT’s Urban Forestry division maintains 40,000. It takes a tough tree to survive the likes of the city’s built environment. By comparison, a tree that can live to be 400-500 years old in a park setting, may have an average… [ Keep reading ]