South Columbian Way: Vehicle, Bike & Ped friendly! (and pretty too)

The outside lanes of South Columbian Way, between Beacon Avenue South and 15th Avenue South, were crumbling this spring. Now, with completion of the project to repave this segment, the roadway is smooth and pretty! 

Since the outside lanes of the roadway had to be reconstructed, it was the perfect opportunity to install curbs, which help define the street edge and protect pedestrians from moving vehicles. Curbs also direct storm water to drains and help to eliminate puddles that can lead to hydroplaning and dangerous driving conditions.  

To further improve drainage and hence improve safety, much of the existing sidewalk was rebuilt at a higher elevation so that water drains towards the roadway and into the storm drainage collection system.  The repaving work included the planting of nearly 100 new trees, which now line the street,  as well as new curb ramps; new bike lanes; a new two-way center turn-lane; and a new dedicated right-turn lane into the Seattle VA Medical Center.  The work was funded by Bridging the Gap.

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  1. siegfish says

    this is great!! The worst wipeout I’ve had was along this route because work was incomplete and lack of transition along blindspot curves.

  2. Scott says

    I’ve been biking this way regularly. It’s well organized, and it’ll be even better when the trees bulk up over years. Compared to before, this stretch of Columbian Way now feels much calmer and friendlier.

    The new pavement is a smooth ride, and in the rain it seems to shed water so much better. Great work.

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