The parklets are coming, the parklets are coming!

parklet map 2014r RESIZED

2014 Pilot Parklet Locations Selected

After reviewing applications from businesses and community groups throughout Seattle, we’ve selected 10 new parklet hosts to participate in an extension of the Pilot Parklet Program. These hosts will work with us over the next several months to design and permit parklets for their neighborhoods with the goal of opening early this summer. The new parklet hosts and locations include the following:

  • Hillman City — Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters (5600 Rainier Ave S)
  • Madrona — Bottlehouse and Hi Spot Café (1416 34th Ave)
  • Central District — Cortona Café (2425 E Union St)
  • Capitol Hill — Lost Lake Lounge and Comet Tavern (10th Ave and Pike St)
  • Downtown — Urban Visions at the Chromer Building (1516 2nd Ave)
  • Denny Triangle — Seattle Children’s Research Institute (1915 Terry Ave)
  • Uptown — Uptown Alliance at SIFF Cinema (511 Queen Anne Ave N)
  • University District — U District Advocates (1316 NE 43rd St)
  • Wallingford — Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream (1622 N 45th St)
  • Ballard — Delancey (1415 NW 70th St)

In case you’ve forgotten, we launched the Pilot Parklet Program in summer 2013 to explore how well parklets serve our neighborhoods. Parklets convert a small number of on-street parking spaces into public open space and help to active our streets, promote economic vitality, and create more vibrant neighborhoods. They are privately funded and maintained but open for everyone to enjoy.

We decided to extend the pilot program through 2014 to allow us to evaluate parklets in diverse neighborhoods and conditions before making a recommendation on a permanent parklet program. We asked interested businesses and organizations to submit applications to join the second phase of the pilot, and we were excited by the parklet ideas and level of community support that was expressed in the applications.

Interested in learning more about the new parklets and the Pilot Parklet Program? Check out the program website for the most up-to-date information!

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  1. Kathy says

    Yes, just cover up Southwest Seattle with a grey legend box and sweep this section of the city under the rug. We have been fighting for two years just to get SDOT to install one bicycle corral in SW Seattle. Please move the grey legend box to include all of Seattle in your map. Otherwise you are just exemplifying the attitudes of Seattle government about dropping SW Seattle from early planning stages of transportation and infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Several thousand new apartments and apodments are being constructed with little or no amenities to improve the liveable environment. A parklet with bike parking in front of Husky Deli in the Alaska Junction would be a fantastic way for the Mayor and the City to show they care about SW Seattle. And please don’t listen to the trolls on the Blog moaning about losing 2 parking spaces. Thanks.

    • pegNielsen says

      We understand your disappointment that there is no parklet scheduled for your area this coming year. Please understand that SDOT does not go out and choose locations, but rather the parklet selection is driven by businesses and community organizations working together and submitting applications. No parklet application was received for the location you are suggesting, however, if you would truly like to see a parklet in front of the Husky Deli you need to work with the business owner to put together an application – assuming SDOT has a parklet program in 2015.

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