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Shrinking our Footprint

News flash, we just got the word that our efforts to reduce fuel use are paying off for the City and for the environment!  In the first 6 months of 2010; SDOT reduced its full use by 10%; saving 15,000 gallons of fuel; $43,000 dollars, and 157 tons of Co2 from the atmosphere.  What is even more amazing is the 10% reduction is on top of reducing our fuel use by 27% the previous year (2009 vs 2008).  That is more than any other City department.  We have done the same amount of work, with less fuel.  Our motto is Drive Less, Drive Lite, and Drive Wisely.  For example, we can Drive Less by taking transit or bike to nearby inspections.  We Drive Lite when our bridge operations manager replaced his pick up truck with a hybrid Prius.  We Drive Wisely by not idling trucks; and lightening our load by removing un needed tools from trucks.  It is paying off in more ways than one.