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How low can we go?


Whether dancing the Limbo or reducing our carbon footprint, low is where it’s at and we’d like you to participate.  Yesterday a Carbon Neutral Neighborhoods group, met with SDOT to talk about progress and challenges as we work on making our community more livable and walkable (i.e. Walk Bike Ride becoming the “easiest” way to get around) and they would love your input!!    Seattle’s existing Climate Action plan   calls for us to be 80% below 1990 levels by 2050 and Seattle City Council’s Carbon Neutral City effort asks  how low we can go – what do you say??? 

Here at SDOT we have been working on making it easier to walk, bike and ride transit and partnering with King County and others to develop better tools to show the benefits of investing in livable communities and transportation choices.  This map shows Estimated GHG Emissions by Neighborhoood from Vehicle Travel by household in and outside our urban villages. 

Green areas on the map above have lower Co2 emissions than purple areas (data from 2006). We believe all the neighborhoods on Seattle’s map are turning green as investments in livable walkable neighborhoods continue.  Join the discussion, and see how low you can go with your own footprint!