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Turtle Brings a Neighborhood Together

Design by Rachel Marcotte.

The neighbors pitched in to chalk-outline the turtle design that would later be painted. Photo by Kate Gengo.

Over the weekend, a whimsical turtle design took shape on the pavement in the intersection of Interlake Avenue N and N 41st Street in the Wallingford district.  On Saturday, the neighbors prepared the “street canvas” by pressure washing and brush-scrubbing the roadway and then chalking in the outline of the design. On Sunday the artwork was re-chalked, painted and dried. At least 50 neighbors lent a hand to the work effort.  Local bloggers kept journal and photo updates of the project as it progressed.

Everyone got busy painting in the chalk outlined design. Photo by Kate Gengo.

The street mural is a culmination of many months of planning by the neighborhood and Bill Lindberg, the resident who spear-headed the project.  Rachel Marcotte, a Maple Leaf resident and nature illustrator, created the design. The neighborhood decided on the turtle theme.  Marcotte first created the turtle, but then felt compelled to draw from her nature-based artwork by adding seaweed and bubbles to the design. The mural is funded in part by the city’s Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund.   SDOT’s Neighborhood Traffic section provided oversight and coordination to help bring this project to fruition.

The finishing touches are put on the design. Photo by Kate Gengo.

Upon finishing the mural, the neighbors held a potluck to celebrate the completion of the project.

In late September, the North Green Lake district will also bring artwork to its street at the intersection of Stone Avenue N between N 80th Street and Green Lake Drive N.  The project, which features “The Swirl” design, is a collaborative effort of the Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN) organization and the Bethany Community Church, with guidance from SDOT.