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DON’T Leaf Me Alone

Leaves are falling.  Here’s a couple reminders on what to do and not do with your leaves:

  • DO rake up a pile on this nice sunny day and jump in them!
  • DO NOT sweep leaves off sidewalks into the streets and storm drains;
  • DO please help keep storm drains clear.  When leaves clog the storm drains it means big puddles and flooding.  That is a hazard for driving, biking or stepping off the bus if you aren’t wearing boots!  City crews are out every day with big vacuum trucks, but there are  78,000 storm drains in Seattle – we need your help.  If you want to get official – join SPU’s Adopt a Drain program
  • DO pick up them up off sidewalks and streets – Households and businesses with food and yard waste pick up can place leaves in their container. During the month of November, your are able to place additional bags alongside your yard waste container at no additional charge.  You can also compost them at home for great mulch.
  • DO get exercise and stay healthy by raking leaves. 
    The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition estimates that the average person burns an average of 150 calories by raking leaves for half an hour.  As they note “Intensity and form also determine how many calories you’ll burn. Really digging into the leaves and contracting your core muscles will create resistance and burn more calories than simply dragging the rake along the surface.”  Who knew ? that you can even get style points for raking leaves.  Rakes work better than leaf blowers on wet leaves anyway.  Enjoy raking leaves and the autumn season.