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Tour Seattle’s Newest Bike Routes

Red = New Bicycle Facilities Installed in 2010, Grey = Existing Bicycle Facilities

Throughout the year, the SDOT Blog has posted numerous reports on the newest bike facilities to hit the streets in Seattle.  This year we installed more than 20 miles of new bike facilities as we continue to implement the Bicycle Master Plan’s vision of a 450-mile on- and off-street bicycle network.  Our planners and engineers tackled many difficult projects this year in an effort to expand our bicycling system.  The map above shows our 2010 projects in red and existing bicycle facilities in grey.  As you can plainly see, the network is really coming together. 

We’ve already highlighted many projects like the buffered bike lane on N 130th Street, the S Columbian Way Project, the Greenwood and Nickerson rechannelization projects, the two-way couplet on Roosevelt Way and 11th Avenue NE, the innovative new facilities on 7th Avenue, the Ship Canal Trail, and the 3rd Avenue S link.  However, some projects have slipped through the cracks.  Check out the photos below to see our work then grab your bike to see them for yourself! 

The new bike box at 12th & Union improves the visibility of bikers

The 15th Ave S Project included pedestrian improvements like these curb bulbs at S Lander St

This new bike lane makes the climb up Cherry St a little more comfortable for cyclists - especially on the smooth new pavement

SDOT worked with local businesses to make major changes to the on-street parking configuration to accommodate this new bike lane

New bike box at 7th Ave S and Dearborn - just up the street from the previous photo

New facilities on Jefferson St connect to existing facilities at Broadway, 12th Ave E, and 19th Ave E

Another new bike box at 12th and Pine

8th Avenue near the Greyhound Bus Station

The new facilities on Taylor Ave N link lower and upper Queen Anne

Left turn pocket for cyclists on 5th Ave NE

Crews shifted the street centerline to make room for this new bike lane on S Spokane St