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West Thomas is Coming! West Thomas is Coming!

Pedestrians and cyclists take note, the bridge over the railroad tracks, from Elliott Avenue West to Myrtle Edwards Park, at West Thomas Street, WILL happen!!!   This overpass will provide a key connection to the waterfront from the Lower Queen Anne and Belltown neighborhoods.  

When the bike/ped overpass project kicked off the fall of 2003 construction was scheduled for mid 2005, but further analysis of the area determined that Elliott Ave W was also a major barrier to park access.  Discussion centered around whether or not the structure should cross Elliott Avenue West, as well as the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks. The safety of pedestrians and cyclists along the access routes was at the heart of the debate. A study ensued as construction plans bumped to 2006.

Public debates continued as did environmental research, agency reviews and an extensive permitting process (for access to build in the area).  Ultimately the scope was expanded to address this safety issue.  


Needless to say, costs for materials rose sharply during that time and the project already in need of extra funds had to cease for lack of enough dedicated dollars.  That said the project IS now fully funded: the W. Thomas St Pedestrian Overpass Project was selected and included on a list of other competitive projects to receive supplemental funds administered by the Puget Sound Regional Council. 

Construction is expected to start this March.  The community requested the overpass, which is included in both the Queen Anne and Belltown neighborhood plans, and worked hard to ensure that additional funding was provided through Parks Levies and the city budget process.