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Streetcar Ridership Continues to Grow


The end of the year data shows continued ridership growth on the South Lake Union Streetcar.  There were over half a million riders in 2010, a 15 percent increase over 2009, and 25 percent greater than ridership in 2008, the first full year of operation.   The gains were driven largely by increased weekday trips.  Average weekday ridership was over 1,800,  peaking at over 2,200 in August 2010.  While seasonal peaks continue to be evident, employment growth in South Lake Union led to sustained ridership growth.  In fact, the month with the highest increase over 2009 was November with an increase of 128 percent. 

The higher ridership numbers undoubtedly reflect the arrival of the headquarters, the opening of the Lake Union Park and the addition of retail businesses in South Lake Union.  With more workers scheduled to move into the Amazon offices in 2011 and 2012, SDOT anticipates the ridership will continue to rise surpassing that of 2010.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to hop on and ride the streetcar, why not add that to your “must try” list for 2011.  You might be surprised to discover the many changes that have taken place around South Lake Union this past year!