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Will Your Neighborhood Win the Walk Bike Ride Challenge Competition?

Last week we told you about all the great prizes you can win in the big July/August Walk Bike Ride Challenge.  (Click here for that blog post.)

Another reason to be part of this effort is to help your neighborhood win our friendly competition to see which neigbhorhood will save the most car trips and miles of driving.  After you sign up, our weekly email with reminders and tips will keep you posted on which neighborhoods are in the lead.

So, will Ballard bust ahead by biking?   Will Rainer Beach ride the bus to victory?  Will Wallingford walk to a win?  It’s up to you.  Help get people to sign up so your neighborhood can earn bragging rights to greenest transportation community.  Email your friends, call the neighbors and wake the Jones’ to get them to sign up and make it happen for your neighborhood.  More program info is here.

Of course everyone and every neighborhood will be a winner because our communities will have calmer streets, cleaner air and healthier people.

See you in the bike lane! (or HOV lane, or bus tunnel, or walking shoes…)