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Madrona Sidewalk Safety Project

Starting this Saturday, SDOT will improve a Madrona sidewalk at the south end of the 900 block of 34th Avenue to help pedestrians travel more safely. The sidewalk in this area is damaged and has been significantly uplifted by roots from trees that are too large for their small tree pits. 

Just this week, SDOT received a proposal from some Madrona residents to replace neighborhood sidewalks in a way that might preserve some street trees, along with the potential of funding from the community.  

As you may recall, last year the sidewalk on the entire 900 block of 34th Avenue was cracked and heaved, mostly from roots of large trees growing in pits that were too small. So last fall we replaced the sidewalk on the northern two thirds of the block. (Click here for more details.) SDOT determined that six trees on the north end of the block needed to be removed because they were too large for their tree pits, growing into power lines, and creating trip and fall hazards for pedestrians and the disabled.  

Broken sidewalk before Phase 1 in 2011

New sidewalk after Phase 1

So this Saturday and Sunday SDOT will address safety concerns on the south end of this block by providing temporary repairs. We’ll remove broken sidewalk, conduct minor root pruning and install a smooth, ADA-compliant asphalt walkway. 

The current condition of the walkway.

SDOT has been engaged with the community on this project through conversations, community council meetings, outreach events and more. We see reviewing this proposal as part of that process. We thank the Madrona community for their engagement, respectful input and creativity on this project. It’s very Seattle!

We also thank stakeholders for their patience as we consider these new recommendations, ones which may provide innovative solutions. Unfortunately, with limited resources for sidewalk repairs, the city has no funding or plans for additional sidewalk work in Madrona at this time. But we will work together to make this current project a success.

See you on the sidewalk!