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So you have an ORCA card, now what?

Just use it! Use it on the bus, use it on the light rail – you can even use it on the Sounder commuter rail. In fact, if you have an Epurse loaded to your card, you can even use it on the ferry.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to use your ORCA card.

1. Select a Product
If you use your ORCA card all the time, a monthly pass
allows travel on bus, light rail or train services in the region for a specified period of time. Purchase the trip value you need for unlimited rides on one or more of the participating agencies services.

If you are a new or infrequent transit rider, an Epurse will work for you. It is stored transportation value used like cash to pay your fare (short for electronic purse). You can store from $5 to $300 on your ORCA card.
Adult customers can buy an ORCA card and load transportation value or passes onto existing cards in the any of the ways listed below.

•Online at

•Customer Service Office, such 201 S. Jackson Street

•At ticket vending machines located in the transit tunnel, at Sounder stations and at King Street and light rail stations in downtown Seattle; and other transit center stations.

2. Use the Card
Even though you selected and paid for your monthly pass or Epurse, it won’t show up on your card until you actually use the card. By tapping your card to an ORCA reader on the bus, train or ferry, you redeem your selection to the card.
When riding light rail or the Sounder commuter train, make sure you “tap on, tap off”, otherwise you may be charged more than your actual trip amount.

3. Maintain your Card
Register your card at and monitor the balance online and add value to your card when needed. Preserve  the integrity of your card and store in a safe place on your person. Keeping the ORCA card in your wallet could damage the thin wire antenna around the periphery of the card and compromise operation.