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Focused Fixes Stretch our Repair Dollars

Everyone is familiar with the work of SDOT’s pothole rangers, and you can’t miss those big capital projects where we rehabilitate long stretches of streets.  (Think N 105th / NE Northgate Way or the Delridge Way SW projects happening in this year.)

But what about pavement issues that are too big for the pothole rangers and not big enough to be a full-blown capital project?  That’s where the Arterial Major Maintenance (AMM) program fits in.  AMM projects vary in size from anything larger than a pothole to repaving several blocks of a street.  By focusing on the key areas that need attention, we extend the life of streets that are otherwise in decent shape.

SDOT’s AMM program completes dozens and dozens of projects across the City each year. Let’s take a look at just two of the projects already completed in 2013.

Repaved travel lanes of Rainier Ave S

On Rainier Ave S we focused our limited funds on repaving five blocks of travel lanes.  The parking lanes and left turn lanes are in a more serviceable condition, so they were not repaved.  As a result, a longer stretch of Rainier Ave S was repaved where most of the wear and tear occurs – on those travel lanes.  While this approach might not be suitable in many situations, in this section of roadway, it’s a sensible way to get the most from our street maintenance funds.  This project complements a similar repaving project along the same stretch of Rainier Ave S completed in 2012.

New concrete panels on Sandpoint Way NE

New concrete panels on Sandpoint Way NE

Now let’s head north.  On Sandpoint Way NE near Magnuson Park, four different sections of concrete panels needed to be replaced.  These cracked, bumpy areas have been replaced with a new, smooth roadway surface.

These are just two examples of how the AMM program focuses in to address the areas of greatest need, allowing us to address more of our long list of high priority areas across the City.