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Streets Illustrated: Seattle’s design recipe book – LAUNCHES TODAY!


Seattle is a vibrant, technologically innovative city and our freshly updated City design manual follows suit. Seattle Streets Illustrated, is an interactive online resource to help architects, engineers, and property owners involved in projects within street right-of-way.

Streets Illustrated is setting the standard for other major cities including New York and Los Angeles, with Seattle being one of the first major cities to adopt a completely online and interactive design manual.


New features include:

What’s Your Type?

Twelve new street types are viewable on an interactive map demonstrating required right-of-way to accommodate different modes of travel.

Street Type Standards:

Illustrative images provide standard dimensions for all elements of each of the twelve street types.

Additional Design Guidance:

Included are new standards for bicycles, transit, freight, accessibility, emergency response, and urban center design enhancements.

Image: Twelve new street types.


A New Vision for Seattle’s Streets

Seattle today is facing the challenges that come with being one of the fastest-growing major cities in the country. Our streets must continue to adapt to accommodate a multi-use system that is efficient, safe, and accessible to all travelers. Streets Illustrated provides the tools to reshape the right-of-way to meet the needs for today and the Seattle of tomorrow. Street right-of-way accounts for twenty-seven percent of city land and has a tremendous impact on how people move through the city. Explore some of Streets Illustrated‘s cool new features: