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New artwork “Alone Together” delights downtown pedestrians

Aerial view of road artwork that includes bears on ice caps at Harbor Steps

Aerial view of artwork at Harbor Steps

Join us for a public celebration at Harbor Steps (1221 1st Ave, Seattle) –  Friday, August 2 from 2 – 3 PM. Artwork stickers will be available for the first 250 people.


New artwork, Alone Together, by Juliana Kang Robinson, will be interwoven into the infrastructure of the all-walk intersection of University and 1st Avenue near Harbor Steps and the Seattle Art Museum. The artwork includes pictorial street signs in the blocks that surround the main artwork and a new crosswalk painting on the intersection of University and 1st Avenue.


As you walk toward the intersection – west on University, North on 1st or South on 1st, the series of six separate but thematically connected images will lead up to the all-walk in which the theme of the artwork Alone Together will come into play. Pedestrians begin alone on the four separate corners of the intersection will cross over the artwork coming together for a moment.


Bears are the main character in this illustrated series of images, in reference to a Korean creation myth and a reminder that people, like animals, share the same needs and strengths. The artist’s intent is to showcase that we all find refuge and strength in togetherness and that all families belong together. The goal of the artwork is to celebrate youth, families, and pedestrians in our Downtown core.


Inspired by conversations with pedestrian advocates, transportation specialists, neighborhood groups, and youth (special note of thanks to the kindergarten classes at Giddens Elementary and students from Summit High School) some of the overarching desires stated by these community members included the desire for new artwork to use bright colors, reference nature, and animals, contain a positive message and put a smile on your face, and be located in a highly accessible location.


This is part of the Imagine Greater Downtown initiative, designed to improve the pedestrian experience in Downtown Seattle using existing SDOT street infrastructure to create art for pedestrians and cyclists to see in their everyday movements. Commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Seattle Department of Transportation.