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Seattle Transit Advisory Board seeks new members

The RapidRide C Route in West Seattle.

The Transit Advisory Board (TAB) is accepting applications for new members to help advise Seattle on challenges and opportunities related to transit and public transportation. This volunteer board plays an important role in ensuring a successful and well-coordinated transit system, citywide!

TAB members are not only passionate about transit, they also are serious about ensuring projects and programs are equitable and inclusive of all people in all communities across the City.  Because they represent all travelers of public transportation, each member must advise with a keen appreciation for safety and appreciate the value of a multi-modal transportation network that keeps people, goods and services moving efficiently.

The Transit Advisory Board

The Link Light Rail on a beautiful day.

The board, created by Seattle City Council in 2015, advises the Mayor and City Council on planning, project development, and policies related to transit. They make recommendations to all city departments including the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).

Board members serve a two-year term, with opportunities for re-appointment, usually meeting monthly on the fourth Wednesday, 6 – 8 PM at Seattle City Hall (though meetings are currently being held remotely due to COVID).

TAB members shall be representatives of any of the following:

  • Different geographical locations citywide
  • A variety of transit rider groups including persons with disabilities, senior and school age community members, commuters, and low-income riders
  • Travelers of different public transportation modes (e.g. bus, light rail, streetcar, and ferry)
  • Residents with an interest in improving transit conditions within the City and region, and have experience with urban transit issues
  • Transit-related organizations and clubs
  • Schools, business, and neighborhood organizations that depend on our public transportation system

The City of Seattle is committed to diversity on City’s boards and commissions. That means people of color, immigrants or refugees, youth, seniors, persons with disabilities, and sexual and gender minorities are needed and valuable participants, who shouldn’t hesitate to apply. Please apply today!

Aside from the Transit Advisory Board, there are also the following modal boards that advise the City on policies, plans and projects related to transportation. Please visit the below websites for more information:

Interested in applying?

Submit a statement of interest or cover letter and resume no later than midnight Wednesday, September 24 to Email: | subject line: “TAB Recruitment”.

Seattle Department of Transportation’s mission is to deliver a transportation system that provides safe and affordable access to places and opportunities