Celebrating Women’s Equality Day at SDOT

In 1973, the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day, which at the time was a way of commemorating the passing of the 19th Amendment. One hundred years ago last week, the 19th Amendment granted many women in the United States the right to vote.

We at SDOT celebrate Women’s Equality Day, while acknowledging the intersectionality within each woman’s unique experience.

We’re using this moment to honor the powerhouse of SDOT women leaders in the past, present, and future.

Today, we’re revisiting our blog posts that honor some of the many women at SDOT who inspire us! Together and individually, they’re moving mountains. Click each person’s name to learn more about their contributions!

Latulitea Aho, SDOT Signs and Markings Administrative Support


Latulitea provides administrative support to our crews in the Signs and Markings, Maintenance Operations Division, so they have everything they need to complete their projects! She is also a member of SDOT’s Change Team, part of the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative. The Change Team supports SDOT staff in achieving our vision of eliminating institutional racism through guidance, training, and accountability.

Fun fact: Latulitea feels most connected to the Rainier Valley area, and when she was younger, she and her family would celebrate Tongan Flag Days at Rainier Beach High School. Her favorite food spots in the area are Young’s Restaurant and Vegetable Bin!

Jeanné Clark, SDOT Creative Services Manager

Jeanné and her son, Abram.

Jeanné leads a growing team to communicate SDOT’s work creatively, compassionately, and clearly to our followers!

Fun Fact: Jeanné advocated for her Central District (CD) street to become a Neighborhood Greenway years ago (before she joined SDOT). She also created the Facebook group, Central District Families for the CD community to connect and build friendships with families with young children in the Central District neighborhood.

Margo Dawes, SDOT New Mobility Data and Equity Strategic Advisor


Margo uses data to improve programs and continues to push herself and our organization to run a more equitable transportation system. Margo is also a co-chair of the Change Team.

Fun Fact: Margo applied for her current job, and added her own twist – she is also the New Mobility Team’s liaison to the Transportation Equity Team!

Lorelei Williams, SDOT Deputy Director for Capital Project Delivery

Lorelei and her son, Collin.

Lorelei leads a team of over 150 people on capital projects and has been working tenaciously at SDOT since 2004.

Fun fact: Lorelei is one of six SDOT executive team members who are women! She is a hardworking manager who believes strongly in supporting her team in and outside of work.

Angelina Louman, SDOT Crew Chief


Angee and her fellow crew chief supervise a team of 20 carpenters and finishers on the bridge maintenance team!

Fun fact: Angee also went to the Gene Juarez Academy of Cosmetology and became a stylist. After almost five years away from carpentry, she came back – and we’re sure glad she did!

Patricia Westsik, SDOT Incident Response Supervisor


Patricia is the only woman on our SDOT Incident Response Team of the first responders who show up to the scene when there is an incident on a Seattle road.

Fun fact: Patricia’s confident personality is a huge asset in her role, where she assesses emergency situations and makes split-second decisions and plans on the spot!