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Draft update of the Skybridge Director’s Rule is open for public comment

Skybridge over Westlake Ave N and N Galer St

Skybridge 행정규칙(Director’s Rule)에 대해, 한국어로 제안된 업데이트 및 공개 의견 제출 기간에 대한 정보를 원하시면 으로이메일을 보내 주십시오.

Si desea información sobre nuestras actualizaciones propuestas a la norma administrativa de Skybridge en español y sobre el período de comentarios públicos, envíenos un correo electrónico a

 ስለSkybridge በአማርኛየመምሪያው ደንብ (Director’s Rule) ስላቀረብነው ንድፋ-ሃሳብ መረጃ ለማግኘት  እና በሕዝባዊ አስተያየት መስጫ ወቅት ላይ ስላደረግነው ማሻሻያ መረጃ ከፈለጉ፣ እባክዎን በቀጣዩ አድራሻ ኢሜይል ያድርጉልን  

Hadii aad doonayso macluumaad dheeraad ah oo ku saabsan macluumaadka cusub ee lagu taliyay ee Sharciga Maamulaha Skybridge oo ku qoran [Soomaali] iyo muddada ay dadku ka dhiibanayaan fikirkooda, fadlan nagula soo xiriir iimeelka

Nếu quý vị muốn có thông tin về những cập nhật mà chúng tôi đề xuất đối với Quy Tắc của Giám Đốc Skybridge bằng Tiếng Việt và thời gian góp ý của công chúng, vui lòng gửi e-mail cho chúng tôi tới

如果您想要獲取 中文繁體 版人行天橋 (Skybridge) 部長 章程的更新提案與公眾評議期的相關資訊,請寄電子郵件至 聯絡我們

Moving throughout our city doesn’t always happen on ground level. 

Skybridges are above-grade connections for people walking or rolling that are over streets and alleys.  There are three types of skybridges in Seattle: 

  • Fully accessible to the public at all times, like the skybridge over N Westlake Ave, pictured above
  • Semi-public that connects uses such as hospitals, stores, and hotels 
  • Completely private connections that are not accessible to the public 

Today we posted a draft of the Skybridge Director’s Rule that is open for public comment.  This draft updates an existing Director’s Rule and doesn’t change the policy on which skybridges are evaluated. 

Marketside Flats Skybridge over Post Alley 

We revised the existing Skybridge Director’s Rule to: 

  • Simplify the language and provide clear information on the process and criteria the City uses to evaluate skybridge applications 
  • Better define the our role as well as those of the Skybridge Review Committee (a City interdepartmental team) and the Seattle Design Commission (an advisory body comprised of architecture, engineering, and design professionals) 
  • Change the term of the permit from three 10-year terms to an initial 15-year initial term, and one 15-year renewal 
  • Provide guidance on what constitutes a public benefit and provide approved examples 

Skybridges are approved by City Council while we manage the permitting process and administer the permit.   

We’re currently accepting comments on the draft Director’s Rule. The public comment period runs for two weeks between May 23, 2021 and June 7, 2021.

Comments may be submitted online or by email at