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BIKE MONTH | Celebrating new and soon-to-come protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenways, and safer intersections across the city

Riding on a Stay Healthy Street in spring!

Our vision is to make riding a bicycle a safe, comfortable, and integral part of daily life for people of all ages and abilities in Seattle.  

That’s why our crews are hard at work building new protected bike lanes, neighborhood greenways, safer intersection crossings, and connections to transit – including three new Link Light Rail stations that will open later this year. 

Seattle has a Vision Zero goal to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030. Building family friendly bike facilities is one of the many ways we’re making our streets safer for all people, no matter their mode of transportation.  

In full, Seattle has about 200 miles total of bike lanes, trails, and neighborhood greenways! 

We had the pleasure of talking to a number of community members using some of the newest bike facilities in their neighborhoods.

Celebrate Bike Everywhere Month with us! Watch the video above.

Read on to see what new protected bike lanes and neighborhood greenways will open fully later this year. More on these and other projects can be found in our 2021-2024 Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan. The majority of these projects are made possible by the voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle

Northgate Neighborhood Greenway 

The new Northgate Neighborhood Greenway will provide family friendly bike routes from Pinehurst and Maple Leaf to the new Northgate Light Rail Station. One of the many intersection improvements made along the new Neighborhood Greenway is at 8th Ave NE and NE Northgate Way. Here, we’ve added a new protected bike crossing, new protected left turns, and a new signalized crosswalk on the west side of the intersection to increase safety for people on bikes, walking, and rolling.  

By fall 2021, you will be able to walk, roll and bike safely above I-5 using the Northgate Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge (Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge). The Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge is one part of a comprehensive plan to build a community hub that meets the diverse needs of our growing communities. Through the bridge, we are helping make it easier to access the thriving hub of educational opportunities at North Seattle College, new housing, medical and social service providers, and more by walking, rolling, biking, and taking transit. 

Green Lake 

The in-progress bike lanes around Green Lake. Photo Credit: SDOT. 

A two-way protected bike lane is coming to Green Lake! As part of a large multi-modal project, we’ve repaved Green Lake Way, upgraded or added 180 curb ramps, made significant intersection improvements to increase safety for people biking, walking, and rolling, and added a new two-way protected bike lane.  

The new protected bike lanes are on routes connecting people traveling between northwest Seattle and the University District and future light rail stations. Weather-permitting, they should be complete within the next month or so! 

University District 

We redesigned two blocks of NE 43rd Street to create safe access to the new U District Light Rail station. This is a key connection between the new station, the University of Washington (UW), and the UW Medical Center and will improve safety for people on bikes, walking, rolling, and taking transit. We’re soon planting trees and other greenery in the area to complete the project in the summer. (Read about our innovative, healthier method of tree-planting here!) 

Current view of NE 43rd St facing east from University Way NE towards 15th Ave NE. Photo Credit: SDOT. 

4th Ave 

4th Ave protected bike lane. Photo Credit: SDOT Flickr. 

4th Ave now has a protected bike lane from Madison to Bell streets! This summer we’ll extend the protected bike lane north to Vine St and south to Dilling/Yesler Way to connect to the 2nd Ave protected bike lane. The 4th Ave protected bike lane has been a missing piece in our Center City Bike Network. This network makes biking a safer and more viable transportation option to and from downtown. When complete, people can ride from Belltown to Pioneer Square and head back north on the existing 2nd Ave PBL. 

NE 34th St 

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with the Fremont and Wallingford communities to improve transportation in the neighborhood for people using all modes of travel. This resulted in a project design for NE 34th St that included protected bike lanes, improved crossings and sidewalks for people walking and rolling, and maintained access to the important businesses along this stretch that contribute to the vibrancy of the community. 

When the project is complete this year, you’ll see these changes on N 34th St:  

  • Protected bike lanes on N 34th St from Fremont Ave W to Stone Way N.  
  • Updated intersection design at N 34th St and Stone Way N, Troll Ave N, and Fremont Ave N   
  • A more comfortable and predictable bike connection between the Fremont Bridge and the Burke-Gilman Trail.   
  • Clearly marked loading zones where freight vehicles can park that do not overlap the bike lane. 

12th Ave S / Jose Rizal Bridge 

New northbound protected bike lanes on the Jose Rizal Bridge as part of our 12th Ave S Vision Zero safety project. Photo Credit: SDOT. 

In January, we added new protected bike lanes to the Jose Rizal Bridge as part of our 12th Ave S Vision Zero safety project. Funded by your tax dollars through the Levy to Move Seattle, this project aims to reduce vehicular speed on 12th Ave S and reduce crashes that injure people walking, rolling, and biking. 

Part of this project included narrowing streets to accommodate the bike lanes. Narrowing streets is a common traffic calming measure that has been shown to reduce speeds. The new protected bike lanes on the Jose Rizal Bridge should also encourage drivers to slow down and drive the posted 25 MPH speed limit. They will also help people to feel safer biking on the road – in the bike lane – rather than on sidewalks. This means that sidewalks will be easier and safer to walk and roll on, too. 

The 12th Ave S protected bike lanes will create an all-ages-and-abilities bicycle connection between the S King St Neighborhood Greenway and the Mountains to Sound/I-90 Trail at S Charles St. 

Seattle Center to Waterfront Walking & Biking Connection

Thomas St Overpass. Photo Credit: SDOT.

We expect Seattle Center to Waterfront Walking and Biking Connection construction to start in late May/early June and last till fall 2021. This project will provide an important bicycle and pedestrian connection between Myrtle Edwards Park and Seattle Center. When complete, you’ll have a safer, more comfortable walking, rolling, and biking experience between some of Seattle’s most popular destinations.  

This will include: 

  • Along W Harrison St between 3rd Ave W and Queen Anne Ave N: an eastbound protected bike lane, westbound shared lane, new speed cushions, and new wayfinding signage
  • A connection to the planned protected bike lanes along Queen Anne Ave N and Thomas St
  • An expanded walking/biking path connection to the Thomas Street Pedestrian Overpass 

We are excited to bring you more ways to travel by bike, safely and efficiently, wherever you need to go.  

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