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LEVY DOLLARS AT WORK | Our 2021 Annual Report highlights everything your Levy dollars made possible last year 

The Levy to Move Seattle stamp on the new Fairview Ave N Bridge, which was built with your Levy dollars and opened in July 2021.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this blog indicated that SDOT completed the 15th Ave S Vision Zero project fully in 2021. This project was fully completed in the second quarter of 2022.

Read the 2021 Annual Report. 

Note: The 2021 Annual Report is now available on the Levy to Move Seattle Materials webpage.

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2021 was a very big year for the Levy to Move Seattle!  

The Levy to Move Seattle Annual Report reflects how together, we are building a city where you have safe, reliable, and sustainable options for how you travel, no matter where you live or work. These projects are as small as a repaired sidewalk or trimmed tree – or as large as a repaved road or new bike lane – and happened because of support and investment from Seattle voters.” – Mayor Bruce Harrell 

“Thanks to your investment in the Levy to Move Seattle, we finished miles of repaved roads, hundreds of new ADA curb ramps, thousands of sidewalk repairs, redesigned intersections that improve safety for people walking, rolling, and biking, and much more. Our bicycle network continues to expand, with new protected bike lanes and neighborhood greenways opening opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to ride across town. Seattle’s Vision Zero goal to eliminate transportation-related serious injuries and fatalities on city streets by 2030 remains a top priority. I am proud of the work of SDOT crews who exceeded many annual goals with fundamental maintenance work to keep you moving safely and smoothly.” – Interim Director Kristen Simpson 

We completed thousands of projects, large and small, across 30 of our Levy programs. We also improved our overall reporting system to increase accountability and transparency. Read about some of these highlights below, and in our 2021 Annual Report. 

We launched our new Tableau dashboard in Q1.  

This led to a new report format that is streamlined, efficient, and transparent. All data from each year of the Levy is now housed in this single, centralized dashboard.  

How to use the new Tableau dashboard. Graphic: SDOT 

We completed one Vision Zero corridor project, on 12th Ave S, and made progress on the 15th Ave S and Sand Point Way Vision Zero projects.  

We installed 6.8 new miles of protected bike lanes (PBLs), including on 12th Ave S, 7th Ave, NE 43rd St, N 34th St, and many more. We also installed 0.27 new bike lane miles and 7.73 new Neighborhood Greenway miles.  

We completed the new Fairview Ave N Bridge in the summer! 

In addition to seismic and structural safety improvements, the new bridge offers mobility improvements for all travelers.   

The opening of the Fairview Ave N Bridge. Photo: SDOT 

In April, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) allocated almost $60 million in funding from the Small Starts Program to the Madison Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – RapidRide G Line project. 

This project will create a frequent and reliable public transportation line between 1st Ave and Martin Luther King Jr Way. We celebrated the start of construction on Madison BRT in September. 

We reached major construction milestones on the Delridge RapidRide H Line!  

Repaved Delridge Way SW. Photo: SDOT 

This included improvements such as roadway panel replacement, ADA-accessible curb ramps and sidewalks, new irrigation systems and landscaping, and new lane markings.  

In October, we completed construction and opened the John Lewis Memorial Bridge to people who walk, roll, and bike.  

People traveling across the John Lewis Memorial Bridge at the opening event in October 2021. Photo: SDOT 

The bridge improves access to communities, services, and opportunities on both sides of I-5 in Northgate and Licton Springs, including the new Link Light Rail station opened on the same day, and helps knit together a community historically divided by the freeway. 

We also had many other achievements in 2021!  

This includes 24 blocks of new sidewalks, 45 transit spot improvements, 399 trees planted, 38.48 block equivalents of sidewalks repaired, 17,239 sidewalk spot improvements, and 2,500 crosswalks repainted. 

Thank you for your support of the Levy to Move Seattle!  

The Levy to Move Seattle. Graphic: SDOT