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You’re invited: Join the Levy Oversight Committee to help shape Seattle’s transportation system. Apply by February 9! 

Levy to Move Seattle stamp on pavement on the Fairview Ave N Bridge. This bridge replacement was funded by the Levy, and this stamp shows people walking, biking, or rolling over it that their tax dollars are hard at work!


Serving on the Levy Oversight Committee (LOC) is a volunteer opportunity that allows you to make a difference in your community. If you: 

  • Live in Seattle  
  • Are available the first Tuesday of each month from 5-7 p.m. to attend meetings, with the option to attend virtually or in-person at Seattle City Hall 

…read on! 

What is the LOC? 

  • Let’s start with the Levy to Move Seattle (“the Levy”). Approved by voters in November 2015, the 9-year, $930 million Levy to Move Seattle provides funding to improve safety for all travelers, maintain our streets and bridges, and invest in reliable, affordable travel options for a growing city. 
  • The Levy is SO IMPORTANT! It provides roughly 30% of the City’s transportation budget to fund new sidewalks, crosswalk re-marking, bike lanes and neighborhood greenways, new bridges like the John Lewis Memorial Bridge, bus stop improvements, paving, bridge repairs and seismic upgrades, and so much more. 
  • The LOC monitors Levy expenses and revenues, reviews program and project priorities, and makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on how to spend Levy proceeds. 
  • The LOC is composed of: 
    • 10 members appointed by City Council or the Mayor – this could be you!  
      • Members serve four-year terms. 
    • City Councilmember (1) 
    • City Budget Director (1) 
    • One liaison each from the Seattle Bicycle, Transit, Pedestrian, and Freight Advisory Boards (4) 

The Levy funds projects all over town, including some shown below! 

New crossing on 15th Ave S. 
New crossing on 15th Ave S. 

You may be interested in the LOC if: 

  • You want an inside look at how you and your neighbors fund Seattle’s transportation system 
  • You want to serve as an advisor to the Mayor, Seattle City Council, and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) 
  • You have about 3-8 hours a month to contribute to your community 
  • You have no transportation experience and want to learn something new, or have some experience in transportation and want to sharpen your skills 
  • You have opinions about the future of Seattle’s streets and public spaces 
  • You want to add a new volunteer experience with City government to your resume 
  • You are interested in improving Seattle’s transportation system (think bikes, buses, sidewalks, crosswalks, bridges, trucks, and more) 

Primary LOC responsibilities 

  • Attend meetings virtually or in-person at City Hall on the first Tuesday of each month from 5-7 p.m.  
  • Work with your neighbors to understand community transportation priorities    
  • Advise the Mayor, City Council, and City departments on transportation policies    
  • Review City documents and plans from SDOT and other City departments as needed  
  • Draft letters to provide input, recommendations, and feedback on Levy programs or projects 
  • Consider taking a leadership role, such as co-chair or secretary, requiring a slightly greater time commitment. 

If you’re interested in learning more: 

Want to apply, or know someone who might? 

  • Apply via the City Clerk’s website by February 9, 2023.  
  • You can apply to multiple City boards or committees at the same time.  
  • We strongly encourage Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) community members, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, young people, older adults, immigrants, and multicultural and/or multilingual community members to apply. 
  • Volunteers will need to sign a COVID-19 attestation form and show proof of vaccination to participate on the LOC or any other SDOT board or committee.