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Aurora Ave N: New safety upgrades & community design workshops | LEVY DOLLARS AT WORK

SDOT staff and community members at our recent “party in the parking lot” engagement event. Credit: SDOT

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Editor’s Note (June 2, 2023): We originally published this blog post on May 12, 2023, and have continued to update it since then with the latest community design workshop information.


  • Improving safety: We’ve recently installed several safety upgrades along Aurora Ave N, while our longer-range design work continues. These improvements include: 
    • Pedestrian-first signals (Complete!):  All signalized intersections on Aurora Ave N now include these signals to give people walking a head start when crossing the street, before cars get a green light.  
    • Sidewalk upgrades (Complete!): We upgraded sidewalks along Aurora Ave N between N 85th St and N 105th St, while preserving large street trees in the area. 
    • No Turn on Red on Aurora Ave N: We plan to install this measure throughout the corridor to reduce conflicts between drivers turning and people crossing the street at signalized intersections. 
    • Crosswalk improvements: We’ll be widening and restriping (painting) crosswalks throughout Aurora Ave N so people crossing the street are more visible to drivers. 
    • More to come: We’ll continue working with our agency partners like WSDOT to evaluate additional safety improvements along Aurora Ave N. 
  • Design workshops: We’re hosting a series of community workshops this spring (virtual and in-person) to help create a shared future vision for Aurora Ave N improvements. 
  • Learn more: Check out our new interactive maps and find resources to stay informed. 

Aurora Ave N is one of Seattle’s major north-south travel routes but has a history of safety challenges that continue today. Via our Aurora Ave Project, we’re studying opportunities to enhance the corridor by developing designs in partnership with the community.

At the same time, we understand the need to build safety improvements sooner, with a sense of urgency – and we’re doing that. Read on for details of what we’ve recently installed and what’s coming up, plus how you can get involved. 

Aurora Ave N represents past policy failures and how our society designed roads for many decades without considering the needs of people outside of cars. Collaborating with the State, we have a great opportunity to build something better – an inviting and comfortable place that not only moves people and goods, but is a safe place people enjoy. – SDOT Director Greg Spotts

Aurora Ave safety upgrades (recent and upcoming) 

Pedestrian-first signals (also known as Leading Pedestrian Intervals) – Complete 

All signalized intersections on Aurora Ave N now automatically give people walking a head start and more time to cross before cars get a green light. This improves safety by making people more visible to drivers.

This effort was made possible by funding from our Vision Zero program

Vision Zero program logo. Graphic: SDOT. 
A recent SDOT tweet and video highlighted Leading Pedestrian Interval signals along Aurora Ave N. 

Aurora Ave Sidewalk Improvements – Complete | Your Levy Dollars at Work!  

Earlier this year, our crews were out finishing repairs to sidewalks along the eastern side of Aurora Ave N from N 85th St to N 105th St. For more details on this effort, check out this blog post

Our sidewalk repair program is possible thanks to your tax dollars through the Levy to Move Seattle. 

Levy to Move Seattle logo. Graphic: SDOT. 
Our crews pouring fresh concrete for the new sidewalk on Aurora Ave N at N 91st St. Photo credit: Ethan Bergerson 

No Turn on Red on Aurora Ave N 

Most collisions with people who walk on Aurora occur at signalized intersections. To reduce conflicts between drivers turning right and people crossing the street at the “walk” signal, we’ll be installing “no turn on red” restrictions at signalized intersections throughout the corridor. This treatment is expected to decrease the chances of right-turn crashes. 

Improved Crosswalks 

To make people crossing Aurora more visible, we’ll be re-marking (painting) and extending the width of crosswalks throughout the corridor. This includes upgrading all crosswalks on the corridor to our standard 10-foot width to give people more space to cross the street. 

More to Come 

We’ll continue working closely with our agency partners, including the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), to evaluate additional safety improvements along Aurora Ave N. This could include things such as turn restrictions in high-crash locations, new crossing signals, speed limit reductions, and intersection geometry improvements. 

Aurora Ave Project updates and community design workshops 

Last year, we hosted a public survey and received thousands of responses that are helping shape our design process. We heard community priorities and themes that included:  

  • Safety improvements for people walking and biking 
  • Collision reduction 
  • Improve safety at select crossing locations (N 46th St, N 85th St, N 125th St, and N 130th St) 
  • Social concerns  

Now, we’re moving forward with a series of community workshops to advance the dialogue and help create the future vision for the corridor together. This is an excellent opportunity to share your ideas on improving Aurora Ave, gain insight into the different needs along this segment of the corridor, and network with our project team. 

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Tuesday June 6, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Broadview Library Discussions will focus on Segment 5 of the project: N 115th St to N 145th St.
  • Thursday June 8, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Bethany Community Church. Discussions will focus on Segment 4 of the project: N 85th St to N 115th St.
  • Tuesday June 13, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Phinney Center (room six). Discussions will focus on Segment 3 of the project: Winona Ave N to N 85th St.
  • Thursday June 15, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Phinney Center (room six). Discussions will focus on Segment 2 of the project: N 38th St to Winona Ave N.

There is limited space available. Please, send us an email to and let us know which workshop you are interested in attending so that we can confirm your attendance and properly plan for your presence. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Check out our new interactive maps 

Our new interactive maps highlight the project area. These maps give an overview of key data to understand key issues and opportunities along the Aurora Ave N corridor. We’ll use this data to help inform decisions on safety, mobility, and accessibility upgrades. 

Additional details on how to use these maps are available on our website.  

Aurora/Licton Springs Home Zone community partnership  

While we’re working on planning long-term upgrades for Aurora Ave, we’re actively working with the Aurora-Licton Springs community to plan a Home Zone that addresses the neighborhood’s needs for improved walkability and slower traffic speeds. Home Zones are community-driven efforts to plan and prioritize traffic calming and pedestrian improvement projects throughout Seattle. You can learn more about the Aurora-Licton Home Zone on our website. 

Stay informed 

Thank you for your time and interest in our work to build a better Aurora Ave N for today and the future!