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Lime Bikes Return to Seattle!

Six weeks after Jump and Lime bike share companies merged and temporarily paused operations, the company is bringing shared bikes back to Seattle. Beginning today, you will once again be able to rent a battery-assisted bike as a healthy, sustainable option to get around without a car. Lime will bring back about 500 bikes this week. These will be the red Jump bikes that left in the… [ Keep reading ]

An update on options to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge as essential stabilization and data collection work continues

It is a big week for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge and surrounding communities impacted by its closure. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, our recently-announced Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and West Seattle Bridge Community Task Force held/will hold their first official meetings, respectively. Those conversations will kick off a rapid series of intensive briefings and meetings for the TAP and Task Force. To ensure that… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT begins search for a team to design a potential replacement of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge if we cannot repair it

Edited on 6/3/2020 to clarify that all options to repair and replace the bridge are being considered. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is continuing to urgently move forward with all options to reopen the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge as quickly as possible. While we are making rapid progress on our efforts to stabilize the bridge – an initial set of actions we… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle traffic report gives an in-depth look at 2018 travel trends

Every year, we release core data sets including traffic volumes, speeds, and collisions. Data drives our plans, policies, and decisions on everything from safety to paving. It also plays an important role in evaluating project performance and identifying trends. Read the full Traffic Report to see 2018 transportation… [ Keep reading ]

We’re stepping up our efforts to make crossing the street safer.

Of all the things we do to keep Seattle moving, public safety is by far our absolute highest priority.  Mayor Jenny Durkan has announced four steps on December 10 to make our streets even safer and achieve our Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030. Along with lowering speed limits, one critical step… [ Keep reading ]

Slower speeds save lives: a path to end traffic deaths & serious injuries in Seattle 

Mayor Jenny Durkan has announced 4 steps to make our streets even safer & achieve our Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths & serious injuries on city streets by 2030.   Along with making crosswalks safer, one step is reducing speed limits to 25 miles per hour (MPH) on major streets citywide. The speed limit on… [ Keep reading ]

New 24/7 red bus lanes on Olive Way are just the beginning

We’re a third of the way to our goal of 90 new blocks of red bus lanes by the end of 2020. A few weeks ago, Mayor Durkan announced that her proposed budget would create 90 blocks of new red bus lanes by the end of 2020. Since then,… [ Keep reading ]

Thought the #SeattleSqueeze was over? Think again. Fairview Ave N bridge is about to close for 18 months.

Getting around Seattle is about to get even more challenging because the Fairview Ave N bridge is about to close for construction for 18 months. This bridge connecting South Lake Union to Eastlake is a major route in and out of downtown. Early Monday morning on September 23, crews… [ Keep reading ]