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23rd Ave Corridor Project update: S Judkins St reopens this afternoon!

S Judkins St reopens this afternoon. Thank you all for your patience! We’re making progress on the 23rd Ave Corridor Project. We plan on reopening the east and west sides of the 23rd Ave S and S Judkins St intersection this afternoon before the evening commute. As you know, we recently… [ Keep reading ]

#SeattleSqueeze Alert: We’re adding a bus-only lane on Cherry St between 1st and 3rd avenues.

#SeattleSqueeze Alert:  Now that the new northbound SR 99 off-ramp is open near the stadiums, providing a route to downtown streets, our crews installed this bus-only lane to provide a quick path to 3rd Ave. This provides reliable service for transit and is an important way that we’re keeping transit moving during… [ Keep reading ]

COMING SOON: Construction will begin for new sidewalks & speed humps on NE 50th St.

Construction will begin as early as February 25th or as late as March 4th and when it does, NE 50th St will be open to local traffic only until construction completes in May of this year. This project is a result of significant neighborhood support to make NE 50th St more… [ Keep reading ]

This weekend: Making base repairs for new pavement at the intersection of (S Graham St/Swift Ave S) & (S Graham St/Beacon Ave S).

Progress on the Swift Avenue S / S Myrtle Street / S Othello Street Paving Project. We’re making progress on Swift Avenue S / S Myrtle Street / S Othello Street Paving Project! Starting this Saturday, February 16, we will be completing our base repairs to support the new pavement. As a… [ Keep reading ]

Getting roads and sidewalks ready for school. Communities lend a hand (or a #SharedShovel) to help reopen schools on Thursday.

Today was all hands on deck – we need all the help we can get! Parents and kids, local businesses, faith communities, community groups and organizations, and neighbors, joined our effort to shovel local sidewalks near elementary schools. This was a great opportunity to meet and bond with neighbors. While the weather looked better today,… [ Keep reading ]

It’s not over yet – more freezing temperature on the way! Please clear storm drains.

We can’t say it enough. Did you think we were going to say please shovel your walkways and sidewalks? Well, you’re wwrrrooong….right!? Well, first we wanted to give Seattle a giant-sized snowball-snowcone worth of a humungous thank you for helping the snow response effort by shoveling and clearing the snow… [ Keep reading ]

Say what, now? Learn how to talk #WinterWeatherResponse nerd speak.

  Sometimes we talk nerd. From time to time, we SDOTTERS have been known to speak in some really ridiculous technical nerd transportation speak that resembles what most would think might be an alien language? but really – English. During our #WinterWeatherResponse, our operations team go full throttle with strange words… [ Keep reading ]

Snow + Ice Response: Clearing the way for people biking.

We need your help Seattle – today’s weather is shifting and we’re anticipating rain/snow mix that will create a slushy mess for our streets. Please help clear your neighborhood storm drains to prevent flooding. Thank you! Winter is here – and we’re working hard to keep you moving. As part… [ Keep reading ]

Sooo,. . .This may look cool, but it’s not.

There’s one word to describe why one may see a “Street Closed” sign posted on a random hilly Seattle street. S A F E T Y Our crews aren’t the only ones out there working hard to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. The very fine… [ Keep reading ]


Here comes round two of snow and ice. Are you ready? The National Weather Service’s Seattle office has issued a winter storm warning for our region, in effect from noon today until 4 PM Saturday. Heavy snow is expected, with 6-8″ of snowfall in Seattle. The heaviest snowfall will occur… [ Keep reading ]