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Play Streets – An SDOT program for kids that can be enjoyed by the whole Family

SDOT continues to work with residents to help them create a Play Street in their neighborhood. Under this pilot program, residents can apply to close one block of street to traffic so the kids (and adults) can have more space to play. It’s just what it sounds like. With a… [ Keep reading ]

Street Safety for Kids with Disabilities.

Disabilities can be visible or not; they can impair mobility, sight, hearing or other things, but most children, regardless of their disability can benefit from learning some basic street safety rules. If your child has special needs, is very important that you model the street safe behaviors that you want… [ Keep reading ]

Safer Route to School in West Woodland

Kids should be excited by going to school and by the process of getting there. SDOT has been improving the pedestrian routes to many schools with a mix of crosswalks, curb bulbs, and repair or installation of sidewalks, including near West Woodland Elementary. The intersection of 3rd Avenue NW… [ Keep reading ]

Seattle Celebrates the Opening of Football Season

Excitement is building for the National Football League season opening celebration in Seattle on Thursday, Sept. 4 at CenturyLink Field. Up to 100,000 fans are expected to converge in the Pioneer Square and Stadium areas for the festivities.  Whether you are headed to the event, or just wanting to travel… [ Keep reading ]