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Daylight Savings ends on Nov. 1, so it’s time for a refresher on how we can all help each other stay safe in the darker seasons!

Summary 2020 is about to get darker (literally): Daylight Savings ends November 1. Now, more than ever, we need to be looking out for each other. Whether you’re walking, rolling, biking, driving, or taking public transit – safety can be a collective effort when we keep an eye out for each… [ Keep reading ]

Autumn is here, and we’re all in this together. It’s time to rake your leaves & cut back overgrown vegetation on your sidewalks & planting strips!

Summary It’s everyone’s responsibility for maintaining sidewalks, planting strip areas, and vegetation near where they live or own a business – and it’s the law per the Seattle Municipal Code. Clearing leaves keeps the sidewalk safe and accessible. Blocked gutters are also all of our responsibility. How to tell if you’re in compliance with SMC, and … [ Keep reading ]

A choreographed snow response

Last week’s weather was a bit wacky – remember? Meteorologists kept changing their predictions of when & how much snow would be coming. Here at SDOT, we take winter weather seriously. It’s our job to clear the roads and help keep the city moving. We learned a lot from the… [ Keep reading ]

A little snow didn’t stop some of Seattle’s bikers from getting around.

While bicycle traffic goes down when it snows, there were still many riders who got around on their two wheels this week. The Fremont Bridge Counter recorded a total of 1,167 bicycles on Monday, January 13th! That’s down 59% from the Monday prior with 2,845 bicycles over the bridge, but that’s still… [ Keep reading ]

More snow and wind in the forecast for tonight!

The National Weather Center is calling for up to 3 inches of new snowfall & wind up to 26 mph on Tuesday night. Does anyone else love the look of snow delicately collecting on tree branches? It’s peaceful and magical – until the winds pick up. The heavy snow can… [ Keep reading ]

Snow starts off charming, but when it turns to ice it gets truly alarming.

This morning Seattle woke up to a blanket of snow clinging to trees and rooftops. Our crews hit the roads at noon Sunday to pre-treat the roads before the snow started accumulating. They worked throughout the night to clear roads of snow and ice. We’re happy to report that all… [ Keep reading ]

Know your Snow Routes!

As snow & ice heads our way throughout the coming week, our crews will be working non-stop to plow & clear streets! To maintain access to essential services, we prioritize clearing the most critical routes for transit and emergency response vehicles first. These are the streets used by the most… [ Keep reading ]

Snow is coming & we’re working to keep the roads clear

Seattle’s public safety is our number one priority. Our goal is to have snow routes clear within 12 hours of a lull in the storm. To maintain access to essential services we prioritize clearing the most critical routes for transit and emergency response vehicles first. These are the streets used… [ Keep reading ]

WE’RE READY: Bring on the snow!

SDOT snow plows Next week might be a snowy one! Cold air & snow are in the forecast starting as early as Monday morning. The National Weather Service is predicting snow in the Seattle lowlands starting early Monday, January 13, and continuing on-and-off through MLK Weekend. We’re ready,… [ Keep reading ]

Winter is coming, but you can take it by storm

With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner we have put together a quick checklist of ways you can be prepared to take winter by storm.    Get ready for anything  Don’t get caught off–guard this winter. If you wait until the snow starts falling it may be too late… [ Keep reading ]