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Fall (back) Safety Tips!

Yaaaay, one more hour of sleep! Daylight Saving ends this weekend (Sunday at 2 AM, to be precise). And while we gain an extra hour of sleep,? we pay for it with fewer hours of daylight.? On Monday, November 6, the sun will set at 4:43 PM and for some… [ Keep reading ]

Pothole Palooza Kicks off in Seattle

Seattle is kicking off Pothole Palooza on Monday, April 17, a campaign to aggressively repair potholes across the city. Beginning today, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is asking community members to report neighborhood potholes so we can map them out as our Pothole Rangers move throughout the city. There… [ Keep reading ]

Keeping the Emerald City Green

Seattle wouldn’t be the Emerald City without all the beautiful trees that line our streets. Street trees provide shade and habitat, soften busy urban sidewalks, simply make our streets nicer places to spend time, and so much more. So, who maintains the 40,000 “SDOT trees” spread along Seattle’s 1,675 linear… [ Keep reading ]

Lending a Hand to Portland

On January 11, 2017, Portland was hit with a massive snowstorm, making national headlines. So we sent crews to help out the Portland Bureau of Transportation. It was hard work, but our crews say they’ll never forget the trip to help our friends to the south. Our Maintenance Operations Division sent more than a dozen crew… [ Keep reading ]

We got snow! Here’s what we did

In preparation for the Snow event on Monday February 6, we put our response crews on 12-hour shifts, that began on Sunday evening. Our trucks started treating streets and elevated structures. By the time you woke up on Monday to find out kids had a snow day, here’s what SDOT… [ Keep reading ]

City Reminds Travelers to use Extra Caution in Cold Weather

SDOT reminds residents to take great care when outside during winter weather conditions. In addition to challenging travel conditions, trees can be significantly weakened by heavy snow and/or ice and can fall, putting those below at risk. Bent and broken tree limbs weighed down by snow or ice can fall unexpectedly,… [ Keep reading ]

A Closer Look at the Snow Plow Map

On our SDOT home page you’ll see a link to Seattle Winter Weather Resources and that’s where you’ll find our Winter Weather Response Map, or what some people simply call the “snow plow map.” If we get snow, this handy interactive map can tell you which streets have been plowed or de-iced… [ Keep reading ]

Winter Weather…Invierno…Lagay ng Panahon sa Winter…

In time for our first snow earlier this month, we delivered thousands of our annual Winter Weather brochures to Seattle Public Schools, Public Library branches, Neighborhood Service Centers and other organizations around the city to help residents prepare for cold weather. Did you know that this helpful brochure is… [ Keep reading ]

Know Your Snow Routes

Do you have a plan in the event of snow? We do! And we want to help you to be ready too. As part of our winter weather response plan, SDOT commits to clearing snow from identified routes on our Winter Weather snow and ice route map throughout the city within 12 hours… [ Keep reading ]

Surviving Seattle Snow with Plows, Plans, and a lot of Salt

Snow struck Seattle, and we’re happy to say our response was a success at keeping the city moving! As flakes turned to flurries on Thursday night, our snow response teams at Charles Street Service Station were ready with plows, deicers, and a lot (lot) of salt. We even got a… [ Keep reading ]