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Current Standings in WBR Challenge Contest

People are asking, so here you go—the latest standings in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge neighborhood competition.

Some neighborhoods moved up, and others down since our last update, which shows that you can make a difference in which neighborhood wins.  All of Seattle wins with these great stats: over 1,200 people participating have switched to other ways to travel and saved over 150,000 miles of driving.  That prevented about 75 tons of climate changing pollution from going into our air!

Everyone wins when you’re more active and create healthy habits to get around. The weather is perfect to make some of those many short trips you can take by foot or bike.  All “Challengers” earn a chance to win some great prizes for every trip they switch.

Look at the current neck and neck race for second place.  Queen Anne leads PhinneyWood by only 20 miles of trips.  Just a one participant could change that race!

We’ll provide the final results in September.  Enjoy the last few weeks of the July/August WBR Challenge.  For more details on the program click here, to sign up click here and learn more about the competition click here.

A few notes:

  • There is no prize for the winner, this is just a friendly contest to encourage each other to walk, bike and ride.
  • Some neighborhoods may have higher results simply because they have more residents.
  • If your neighborhood is not listed here, it may be further down the list.
  • If your neighborhood is South Park, Georgetown, West Seattle, Squire Park or White Center, sign up for King County Metro’s “In Motion” program this summer.