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Coming to a street near you: three-hour on-street parking after 5 pm

There’s good news for enjoying nightlife in Seattle. SDOT is increasing the time allowed for on-street evening parking in certain business districts to three hours instead of the daytime limit of two hours. These areas include the Commercial Core, Pike-Pine, Belltown, Chinatown/International District, Capitol Hill, Uptown, parts of Denny Triangle and the University District.

In fact, the area around Lenora Street, 8th Avenue 6thAvenue and Olive Way are going live this week. The area in Belltown between Bell and Stewart Streets will start next week along with a $0.50 higher hourly rate. The parking charge is increasing because of the high demand to park in that area. Lower prices can be found just a few blocks north.

In areas where we recently extended paid parking into the evening, people have been telling us the two hour limit is not enough time for an evening out. Drivers have to step outside half-way through dinner or a movie to move their car when the time on their parking sticker runs out. So, we are lengthening the amount of time that a car may remain in that curb-side spot in the evening from two hours to three hours. That means if a driver parks at 5 p.m., he or she may pay for three hours, and then starting at 8 p.m. the parking is free. Before 5 p.m. parking is still limited to two hours to free up more spaces. 

So far the time limit has changed in the Pike Pine neighborhood and in most of the downtown commercial core where SDOT employees have installed the new signs. The work will be completed in the other areas by fall.

The next time you park on the street for a night out, look for the sign to learn if the time allowed for parking has been extended to three hours. Then relax and enjoy your night out!