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Know your Snow Routes!

As snow & ice heads our way throughout the coming week, our crews will be working non-stop to plow & clear streets! To maintain access to essential services, we prioritize clearing the most critical routes for transit and emergency response vehicles first. These are the streets used by the most… [ Keep reading ]

Patience is a virtue, & we are grateful you have it! 

Is your New Year’s resolution to practice patience? We can tell! Link light rail trains are running every 13-15 minutes. We know that waiting longer for trains can be a pain, which is why we’re working with Sound Transit to do all we can to make sure trains stay on schedule…. [ Keep reading ]

Snow is coming & we’re working to keep the roads clear

Seattle’s public safety is our number one priority. Our goal is to have snow routes clear within 12 hours of a lull in the storm. To maintain access to essential services we prioritize clearing the most critical routes for transit and emergency response vehicles first. These are the streets used… [ Keep reading ]

WE’RE READY: Bring on the snow!

SDOT snow plows Next week might be a snowy one! Cold air & snow are in the forecast starting as early as Monday morning. The National Weather Service is predicting snow in the Seattle lowlands starting early Monday, January 13, and continuing on-and-off through MLK Weekend. We’re ready,… [ Keep reading ]

Flex your commute during Connect 2020

This week was the start of Connect 2020 Link light rail disruptions. Great job at Pioneer Square everybody! Let’s keep it up for the evening commute! #Connect2020 — Sound Transit – ? ? ? (@SoundTransit) January 7, 2020 Two days down, 10 weeks to go. You’ve got this, Seattle…. [ Keep reading ]

NEW year = NEW commute!

Have you set any New Year’s resolutions for 2020? How about doing something good for yourself (stress-less), your city, & your planet. Pledge to commute car-free 1x a week. We’ve all set too-audacious New Year’s resolutions that we’ve given up on before we even start. Did you stress out a… [ Keep reading ]

Link Light Rail Riders + Bike Riders, get ready for Connect 2020 Link closures & detours.

We’re on the next track of the Chapter 3 Seattle Squeeze journey: Link light rail expansion to I-90. The Seattle Squeeze is the period from now until 2024 when private and public construction projects put pressure on our transportation system and change how we all travel through and around Seattle…. [ Keep reading ]

Let’s work together. It’s time to prepare for Sound Transit’s Link light rail construction.

Our goal is to keep people moving during Sound Transit’s 10 weeks of light rail construction and reduced Link service. Our team is prepared with small changes to the system to help trains stay on schedule. Starting Jan. 4, Sound Transit will build new Link light rail tracks connecting International… [ Keep reading ]

New Mobility Action Plan for Getting Around North Downtown

North Downtown Seattle is changing, & we have a plan to keep people moving. There’s a lot changing in North Downtown Seattle. It’s anticipated that 15,000 new households and 20,000 new employees will be added to the area by 2035. On top of that, the new arena at Seattle… [ Keep reading ]

Moving Forward with Scooter Share Pilot

As 2019 draws to a close, we’re excited to share what we’ve done in preparation for the scooter share pilot launch coming this spring. Visit our scooter share page to find detailed summaries of our outreach and engagement efforts and pilot framing in our year end update. Following Mayor… [ Keep reading ]