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Levy to Move Seattle – A Recap and What’s Next

In late June, the Seattle City Council’s Special Committee on Transportation Funding voted on over a dozen amendments to the Levy to Move Seattle legislation Mayor Murray sent their way in May. The city council then voted unanimously on June 29 to place the levy on the November ballot. This… [ Keep reading ]

Building Healthy Communities with… SIDEWALKS!

From 2007-2013, SDOT noted an increase in children walking and biking to 26 of 28 schools evaluated in Seattle.* We’re working to continue this trend! SDOT is helping to build healthy communities by participating in the national Safe Routes to School Program, focused on engineering and education projects to offer… [ Keep reading ]

Live from Lake City: Construction Update at Lake City Way and 24th Avenue NE

  The city continues their work to transform the intersection of Lake City Way NE and 24th Avenue NE. As noted previously here on the SDOT blog, this project will overhaul this intersection and provide new pavement, sidewalks, curb ramps and traffic signal controls. The changes will improve the safety… [ Keep reading ]

Bike share your way around town!

If you need to make a quick trips on Seattle streets, consider signing up for bike share, an innovative program allowing users to take short trips easily without owning their own bike. Pronto Cycle Share provides a fleet of specially designed and durable bikes found in docking stations located throughout… [ Keep reading ]

When you don’t live near a bus route….

A Vanpool or Van Share may be the solution to your commute if there is no public transit near your home or near your workplace. Sharing a van is a convenient and cost-effective for the everyday commuter. You can use HOV lanes on the freeways, save money on gas and… [ Keep reading ]

Proposed Protected Bike Lane in Fremont: We need your help!

You have an opportunity to provide input for a new protected bike lane segment along N 34th Street in Fremont! More than 100 people bike on N 34th Street between the Burke-Gilman Trail and the Fremont Bridge during the peak morning and evening weekday hours. Currently, bicyclists share the road… [ Keep reading ]