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Freight Master Plan, BTG Financial Review and more

Would you like to know more about progress made by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) on developing a Freight Master Plan? How about a review of the Bridging the Gap (BTG) finances and an update on the 2014 BTG work plan implementation? Would you like to meet new folks… [ Keep reading ]

Warehouse Site Transformed into a Neighborhood Oasis of Tranquility

This past year, with assistance from SDOT’s Urban Forestry Landscape Architect, the Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) department constructed a project which demonstrates how storm water management can be a beautiful success! The Midvale Pond project provides a unique example of site design to manage storm water while enhancing the surrounding… [ Keep reading ]

Neighborhood Street Fund Update

Here we are – halfway between the start of 2013 and the end of 2015, the three-year cycle for the Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) program. So, just how is the program doing? Pretty darn well it turns out! By December 2012, 87 applications were received from groups and individuals for a… [ Keep reading ]

Central Area Neighborhood Greenway Drop-in Sessions

Please join us next week for drop-in sessions for the Central Area Neighborhood Greenway. Since our last public meeting in February, we have refined options for the greenway route on the north and south ends of the project area. This greenway is being developed in close coordination with the 23rd… [ Keep reading ]

What do trees, public safety and play streets have in common?

On June 25, 2014 Mayor Ed Murray announced his Summer of Safety Initiative. The initiative sets up a coordinated approach to public safety across city departments that will mobilize resources to change our built environment, activate our streets and provide jobs for our youth and young adults. The Seattle Department… [ Keep reading ]

Construction Safety Day!

As construction hits its busiest time of the year, we’re staying on our toes when it comes to safety. The great weather encourages families to be out and about and children to play outdoors in their neighborhoods. We recently spent an afternoon at Small Faces Child Development Center in Ballard,… [ Keep reading ]

Safety is a priority!

Keeping all roadway users safe is one of the key responsibilities of the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). SDOT crews work hard every day making important safety improvements to our roads, bridges and sidewalks thanks to funding from the Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation initiative. Guardrails and crash cushions are… [ Keep reading ]

How do I keep people from blocking my driveway?

Does that sound familiar to you? It does to us – we get plenty of calls about that problem. There is something you can do about it and it’s on the books! Seattle Municipal Code 11.72.110 – Driveway or alley entrance “No person shall stand or park a vehicle in… [ Keep reading ]

Alley Activation Creates New Pedestrian Friendly Venues

Many in Seattle have been swept up in the excitement of the World Cup. The Seattle Times even ran a front page picture of several hundred soccer fans watching one of the first World Cup games in Nord Alley down in Pioneer Square several weeks ago. The non-profit International Sustainability… [ Keep reading ]

City launches first Freight Master Plan!

Curious how online purchases are delivered? Or what routes trucks take through the city? Interested in the impact local industries have on our economy? Well, you’re in luck. This month the city kicked-off its first ever Freight Master Plan (FMP). The announcement was made at the June Seattle… [ Keep reading ]