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National Traffic Incident Response Week: Should Drivers Move Right or Left?

The whole purpose of National Traffic Incident Response Week is to remind travelers to do their part whenever they roll up on a collision or see flashing lights in their rearview mirror – it means you should clear the way for first responders! But which way? Existing laws can be… [ Keep reading ]

World Day of Remembrance: Join us to reflect, remember, & talk solutions

This weekend, Seattle will remember the 20+ (and simply 20+ too many) crash-based fatalities as part of an international World Day of Remembrance. Around this time last year, you may have seen white silhouette cut-outs attached to street signs and light posts, organized by our partners at Seattle Neighborhood Greenways as… [ Keep reading ]

SRT to the Rescue!

SRT stands for Seattle Response Team!  When you think of “first responders,” you might think of Seattle Police or Seattle Fire Department (because, yup, it’s them!), but did you know that SDOT has our own team of responders who help keep our city streets clear of incidents? That’s our… [ Keep reading ]

It’s National Traffic Incident Response Week November 13-19!

What does this week mean for you and me? It’s a reminder that ALL travelers must slow down, move over, and allow emergency vehicles to pass when they see flashing lights ahead or behind them. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) declared November 13 – 19, Traffic Incident Response Week, to… [ Keep reading ]

Coordinating street construction work around Pioneer Square

Four exciting and pivotal downtown street upgrade projects are in progress, or about to get started, in and around Pioneer Square. The projects are all part of a comprehensive transportation vision for downtown Seattle that prioritizes efficiency for the multifaceted lifestyle in our energized city core. Post Avenue Bridge Replacement Project… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT’s Version of the Hollywood Star

When voters approved the Levy to Move Seattle in 2015, they knew they would be seeing a lot of projects over nine years. With levy-funded construction ramping up, SDOT made it a priority to continue saying thank you to Seattle voters. As you’re walking, cycling, or driving past levy projects,… [ Keep reading ]

On-street parking changes in Wallingford? SDOT wants to hear from you!

We recently completed a parking study of residential streets in Wallingford surrounding N 45th St./NE 45th St., in response to a request from the Wallingford Community Council for new and/or expanded Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs). We’re sharing the results of the study with the community in Wallingford and are seeking… [ Keep reading ]

Fall (back) Safety Tips!

Yaaaay, one more hour of sleep! Daylight Saving ends this weekend (Sunday at 2 AM, to be precise). And while we gain an extra hour of sleep,? we pay for it with fewer hours of daylight.? On Monday, November 6, the sun will set at 4:43 PM and for some… [ Keep reading ]

Carsharing, biking or bussing it?

When traveling around the city, it’s all about options! That’s why we recently got together with Commute Seattle, ReachNow, and LimeBike to give commuters in the South Lake Union neighborhood the low down on their choices to help them get to and from work. Nearly 250 people stopped by our… [ Keep reading ]

Let’s get lit! ?

For the 5th year in a row, we’re teaming up with Commute Seattle on a Light Up Your Ride event this Thurs. Nov. 2, 7–9 AM at Lake Union Park, right next to the Westlake bike path. It’s a free event, focused on safety and visibility. Oh, and… THERE.  WILL. … [ Keep reading ]