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Collaboration to Improve Private Development Review

SDOT’s Street Use Division manages the City’s rights of way (ROW), regulating activities that impact safety, mobility and the environment. In these last few years of unprecedented growth, we’ve taken a more holistic approach to right-of-way management. We closely coordinate public and private projects, bringing contractors, residents, and businesses together to problem-solve. We’ve… [ Keep reading ]

Getting Around in the Rain

It’s that time of year when rainy weather and shorter, darker days are once again upon us. Bicyclists and pedestrians need to exercise extra caution and awareness when commuting to and from work. Whether you’re walking or riding, it helps to know your route instead of trying to navigate on… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Mobility Innovations First Forum on Mobility Hubs

SDOT hosted the first Mobility Innovations Forum Monday, the topic Mobility Hubs. We’re hosting a speaker series on mobility innovations, running through mid-2017 (see below).  The City of Seattle is partnering with transit agencies and private mobility services to develop a network of shared mobility hubs throughout the city, providing better… [ Keep reading ]

Construction Hub Coordination in Action

When multiple construction projects are working close to one another, our Construction Hub Coordination Team steps in to minimize their collective impact on mobility. Just this week, we brought contractors together to keep pedestrian access open along Dexter Ave. While completing work that makes the sidewalk next to their site too… [ Keep reading ]

Talk to Your Boss About Telework Week

September 19-23 is Telework Week in King County! Telework is a way to reduce employee commute times and is seen as a big benefit by workers. King County Metro offers a free program called WorkSmart, which helps Seattle area employers create flexible commute programs. WorkSmart’s free services include one-on-one consultations to: Design a… [ Keep reading ]

Get Ready for Holiday Construction Moratorium

With so much construction going on in Seattle, how do we keep downtown streets open and welcoming for holiday festivities and shoppers? With the Holiday Construction Moratorium! This seasonal ban on construction supports Seattle businesses during the peak shopping season and reduces traffic congestion during this busy time of year. The… [ Keep reading ]