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We Want Your Input on Community Requested Projects!

Twelve Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) projects are now underway, and we want to hear from you about early designs and how best to implement these projects, located throughout the city. The projects were selected in 2016 by the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee for funding through SDOT’s NSF program, which funds… [ Keep reading ]

Advancing Contracting Equity in SDOT

Seattle has long been committed to increasing equity city contracting, and in 2016 SDOT exceeded our goals to support Woman and Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (WMBE). “A healthy and diverse business sector is essential to Seattle’s economic vitality,” Mayor Murray declared in his 2014 Executive Order, and at SDOT we’ve worked… [ Keep reading ]

Guarding Safety

SDOT is committed to making our streets safer for everyone, and we’re taking a big step by retrofitting all SDOT trucks with sideguards. Sideguards reduce the risk of serious injury or death by preventing pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycles from being caught underneath a large truck. According a study in the… [ Keep reading ]

HALA for Transit Improvements

As we begin the new year, we continue our efforts to make Seattle an affordable and vibrant city for all its residents, including conversations and adjustments to the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA). On January 10, 2017, we attended a neighborhood HALA meeting at Optimism Brewing on Capitol Hill…. [ Keep reading ]

The Price is Right

What’s the dollar value of a slab of sidewalk? What about a bike rack, or a tree? Most people consider the initial sticker price and maybe the labor to install, but what about upkeep, depreciation, and obsolescence over the years? The reality is that many cities and departments struggle to… [ Keep reading ]

Move Seattle Wins in ST3

Voters in the Puget Sound region recently approved Sound Transit 3 (ST3), the $54 billion plan to fund light rail, commuter trains and bus-rapid transit. While most of the attention was focused on 62 miles of light rail that will be added to our growing network (Seattle to Ballard and… [ Keep reading ]

Connecting the DoTS

SDOT held its last 2016 session of the Working With SDOT Outreach Event series, Connecting the Dots, at Seattle City Hall on October 20. In collaboration with King County, Sound Transit and other local transportation agencies, the event connected more than 100 people with agency staff to discuss ways to… [ Keep reading ]

Remembering Those We’ve Lost

This week, Seattle is observing World Remembrance Day and commemorating the 240 people who died in traffic incidents over the past 10 years. On Thursday, families who have lost loved ones, city employees, and first responders gathered at City Hall at an event organized by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways for a public… [ Keep reading ]

Neighborhood Street Fund Projects Selected!

Mayor Ed Murray and SDOT recently announced 12 new projects that will be constructed through the Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) program. Utilizing funds from the voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle, the city will invest $6.5 million over the next three years in these new projects: N 40 St and Bagley Ave… [ Keep reading ]

Move Seattle Trees: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

You may remember that back in July we told you that SDOT would be doing a large majority of our tree planting this fall. The darker mornings and rain on our windshields can only mean one thing: it’s time to plant some trees. SDOT crews were in West Seattle last… [ Keep reading ]