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How Neighborhoods Are Stacking Up in the WBR Challenge Competition

Over  1,000 people have signed up for the July/August Walk Bike Ride Challenge  and switched 96,000 miles of car trips to walking, biking and riding.   As we say around here, “Way to Go, Seattle!”  For each trip they report, “challengers” earn a chance to win some great prizes. We’re tracking… [ Keep reading ]

More Riders Are Using The Seattle Lake Union Streetcar

Back in January we noted that Streetcar Ridership Continues to Grow.  We are now reaching the end of July and the numbers are still up. As reported by the Seattle Transit Blog,  “ (the) average weekday ridership for June 2011 grew by over 900 additional boardings over 2010, with a… [ Keep reading ]

Only 35% of Downtown Commuters Drive Alone

Wow.  That means 65% of Downtown employees now commute by train, bus, bike, foot, carpool and other options.   When a political candidate or an initiative gets 65% of the votes, we call that a landslide. More people choosing these travel options is good for Downtown employees, businesses and customers because… [ Keep reading ]

Health Impact Assessment for King Street Station Hub

A graduate class at the University of Washington has recently completed a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of some of the proposed projects in the King Street Station Hub Strategy.  This HIA reviewed health impacts as wide ranging as physical and mental health and health equity.  The HIA makes several recommendations… [ Keep reading ]

Get Moving, Get Active, Get Prizes

It’s always a great time to switch to walking, biking and riding with the Walk Bike Ride Challenge, but like many things, summer is the best time to do it. First, there’s the weather.  Sunny Seattle summer days. Walking and biking.  Say no more.    Then there are the prizes! … [ Keep reading ]

Making a Transit Vision Happen

Nearly all the buses and trains in Seattle are run by other agencies, so does the City of Seattle have a role in creating a vision of what our transit system will look like in the future? Actually, the City of Seattle plays a vital role in creating the vision… [ Keep reading ]

Grand Opening of King Street Station’s Jackson Plaza

The Jackson Street Plaza has been transformed into a new public pedestrian plaza.           On Friday, June 24th, Mayor Mike McGinn held a ceremony, accompanied by Linda Gehrke, deputy regional administrator, Region 10, Federal Transit Administration; Lorne McConachie, chair, Pioneer Square Preservation Board; Leslie Smith, Alliance for… [ Keep reading ]

Bypass Renders Construction Impacts Semi-moot

HOLD THAT THOUGHT!  The bypass is ready, but due to temporary height restrictions on First Avenue South it will now open later next week.  Bridge construction will start shortly thereafter. To reduce impacts to the traveling public during the East Marginal Way at Horton Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project, the team… [ Keep reading ]

Georgetown, Squire Park, South Park and West Seattle are Getting “In Motion” This Summer!

SDOT and its partners are working hard so everyone has more and better choices to get around on foot, bike, buses and trains.  Just as important as providing more choices is encouraging people to use those choices.   King County Metro Transit’s In Motion program is a great example of encouraging… [ Keep reading ]

Why do you walk bike or ride?

This month’s Walk Bike Rider Newsletter has real life stories from a few people. For example “Busing means bonding,” according to parent and blogger Bus Chick. “You get to ride face to face” with your child instead of strapping them into the back seat. or “Riding your bike as a kid… [ Keep reading ]