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Illegal tree work in the right-of-way: bad for trees and people

When trees and people coexist, trees are sometimes mistreated, improperly pruned, or topped. When a tree is topped, its branches are all cut off at the same height.  Improper pruning encompasses making large, uneven cuts, taking off too much of the canopy or simply cutting branches in the wrong places. … [ Keep reading ]

Heritage Tree Program recognizes Seattle’s best trees

Is there a tree on your street that inspires awe every time you walk by?  How about in your backyard or in your local park?  Maybe it’s a Heritage Tree—or could be.  Seattle’s Heritage Tree Program evaluates and designates trees that residents have nominated.    Anyone can nominate a heritage… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Gardeners Add Beauty to the Streets

Consider the work it takes to maintain an attractive and healthy garden.  Now imagine that the garden is surrounded on all sides by a busy street and each time you try to weed or prune or plant the garden, you have to close a lane of arterial traffic, set up… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT tree crews prune hundreds of trees on NE 125th St

  Tree-lined streets add beauty to our city, but, like other SDOT assets, require periodic maintenance.  For the Urban Forestry tree crew, routine maintenance means pruning.  The tree crew recently pruned hundreds of ash trees on NE 125th Street, from I5 to 35th Ave NE.  Pruning protects vehicles and pedestrians… [ Keep reading ]