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Trees…Trees…Trees! Everywhere Trees!

The Seattle Department of Transportation, through its Urban Forestry Division, is responsible for managing more than 40,000 trees in the public right-of-way (ROW) and maintaining 123 acres of landscapes.  Work to these valuable assets include pruning, planting, watering trees and landscapes, repairing irrigation systems and reviewing landscape plans for new… [ Keep reading ]

Keeping BTG Accountable

The Bridging the Gap (BTG) Levy Oversight Committee was established as part of the voter approved transportation levy in 2006.  A dedicated group of 15 community members, the committee meets quarterly to track the progress of BTG and ensure that the program is delivering on the promises made to voters. … [ Keep reading ]

What NOT to do after a storm

Snow, ice, or wind storms often result in fallen tree limbs, which can be a minor nuisance or a major problem.  Residents eager to clean up can expose themselves to life threatening conditions.  A primary concern with fallen limbs is electricity.  If there are any wires on the ground… [ Keep reading ]

Check out the street tree map

Have you ever wondered about the type of tree in front of your house and whether you are supposed to take care of it? Have you been curious about a certain species of tree or wondered whether it grew in your neighborhood? There is a new way to answer these… [ Keep reading ]

Trees complete the street

Planting a tree with a root ball weighing over eight hundred pounds on a busy arterial is not an easy task, but the SDOT Urban Forestry landscape crew was up to the challenge.  Through careful planning and creative problem-solving, the planting went smoothly, with only occasional interruptions to bike lane… [ Keep reading ]

Mountains to Sound Trail Before & After – Startlingly Good

We all like to see positive transformations, and oh what a transformation the Mountains to Sound Trail project is…  Opening last Saturday with a ribbon cutting and community event led by Mayor Mike McGinn and Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith, this new segment of trail is writing a new chapter in… [ Keep reading ]

Come celebrate the Mountains to Sound Trail!

Construction of the Mountains-to-Sound Trail from the southwest end of the Jose Rizal bridge south along I-5 to Holgate is substantially complete!!!  The grand opening is scheduled for this Saturday, October 29.   Join Mayor Mike McGinn, Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith and a host of partners for the ribbon cutting and community event to… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Gardeners spruce up West Government Way

Last week SDOT Urban Forestry gardeners responded to neighborhood safety concerns and conducted a work party on the West Government Way medians in Magnolia from 34th-36th Ave W-with excellent results.  The median is home to a variety of plants including maples, arbutus, hawthorns, viburnum, salal and ferns.  The medians soften… [ Keep reading ]

Get your trees ready for winter

Fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner; it’s a good time to check the health of your trees.  Large trees are important assets and shouldn’t inspire fear, but it is wise to hire an arborist for pruning and/or inspection periodically.   In all cases, knowledge of tree… [ Keep reading ]

Urban Forestry Permits: Questions and Answers

  Question: What types of permits does SDOT Urban Forestry issue?  Answer: We issue tree planting, pruning, and removal permits.  Question: Why are permits required for right-of-way tree work?   Answer: SDOT Urban Forestry is charged with stewardship of urban forest within the right-of-way; permits enable us to work with adjacent… [ Keep reading ]