Bridge Repair – Next in Line

If you’ve been reading the blog with us for a while you know that, just like growing apples and cherries, paving streets and sidewalks in Seattle is a seasonal activity. Paving and rain don’t mix well, and we got a taste this weekend of the rainy days that are soon… [ Keep reading ]

Rain Gardening

Seattle is known worldwide as the Emerald City thanks to our lush, verdant landscape.  Of course we have Mother Nature to thank since she provides the 38 inches of annual rainfall that makes our city so green.  So where does all that water go?  In urban environments like Seattle, most of our rain… [ Keep reading ]

Handling Leaves Impacts Street Sweeping Results

 All the colorful leaves lacing fall trees (and then the ground) are a gift that keeps on giving…in either a good, or a bad way. It all depends on how they’re handled. When residents rake leaves from their yards and sidewalks into the streets the extra load slows down street… [ Keep reading ]

Shrinking Big Foot

Shrinking BigFoot is kicking off in schools this week.  It is a really fun workshop for elementary school kids to empower students to shrink their carbon footprints with easy, everyday actions. Check out the “preview” video here. Seattle City Light and SDOT created the program.  Did you know that driving… [ Keep reading ]

We’re With You on the Road

                          Many travelers prepare early for the morning and evening commutes by watching or listening to the news for regular traffic updates. While this is usually helpful, you sometimes need information in between the traffic forecasts. One way… [ Keep reading ]

Walk this Way

Walking is the oldest and most efficient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation—it’s how transit riders eventually reach their destinations, how drivers get from the parking lot to the front door, and how cyclists get from the bike rack to the business.   Nearly everyone, for at least some portion of… [ Keep reading ]

Ramping Up

  Curb ramps, also known as wheelchair ramps, are critical to providing access between the sidewalk and the street, but they’re not just intended to help people in wheelchairs.  Everyone benefits when curb ramps are installed whether you are pushing a stroller, riding a bike, or simply walking around your… [ Keep reading ]

Quality in the Details

The SDOT paving program has been rolling full speed ahead all season, with plenty of concrete, asphalt and paint, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re also continuing the Seattle tradition of inlaying the street names in brass on corners downtown. You’ll notice them in the retail core and some other… [ Keep reading ]

Meet the Talent

Last month, Tabor 100 recognized SDOT’s Bobby Forch with their 2009 Crystal Eagle Award for Business Development. He serves as the women & minority business enterprises (WMBE) contracts advisor, working to ensure contracts are equitably awarded for SDOT and other City of Seattle projects. Tabor 100 is a grassroots economic… [ Keep reading ]

I can see for miles and miles

Did you notice how clear Mt Rainier was yesterday?  Well, we have some good news.  According to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency; we can see much farther than we could in 1990.  The average visibility for the Puget Sound area has steadily increased over the last decade (with year-to-year… [ Keep reading ]