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Making the Eastlake-Capitol Hill Connection

Note: This post has been updated with a clearer picture of the green bike lane. When you’re in the neighborhood, watch for a recently completed pedestrian and bicycle project at Boylston Ave. E. and E. Newton St. in the Eastlake area.  The improvements make it easier and safer for people… [ Keep reading ]

Dancing the Two-Step to Powell Barnett Park

SDOT just wrapped up pedestrian improvements making it easier to walk to Powell Barnett Park on Martin Luther King Jr Way. We’ve done this partly by splitting the crossing of MLK Jr Way into two steps. The improvements include 1) a raised crosswalk at E Alder Street to reduce vehicle… [ Keep reading ]

Changes coming to the south end of the Ballard Bridge

First of all we’d like to thank the people who took time to provide us with input on bicycle and truck improvements we were considering for the south end of the Ballard Bridge. We received 37 comments–a record for our young blog. After considering the comments and meeting with a small group… [ Keep reading ]

September & Second Avenue

This month several downtown paving projects wrap up, including the two projects that rebuild Second Avenue all the way from Denny to Jackson. Along Second from Pike to Denny, crews have completed all concrete lanes, intersection reconstructions, and grinding of old asphalt, all while maintaining traffic access. Continuing to work… [ Keep reading ]

Walking School Buses

It is the first day of school, and many kids are having fun getting there on a “walking school bus”.  One of the first places the walking school bus started was in Brisbane, Australia.  The goal was to get kids walking, expand their options for how to get around, create… [ Keep reading ]

Improving the Pedestrian Path in Magnolia

SDOT has been improving the pedestrian experience in the Magnolia neighborhood. Last year, the north side of the 3200 block of West McGraw was largely repaired. This year, the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce was awarded Neighborhood Street Funds (NSF) to continue repairing the sidewalk across the street. This project was… [ Keep reading ]

Happy Holidays

It does almost feel like winter, doesn’t it? Hope you had a great holiday weekend and didn’t get terribly wet.  More tomorrow………

Hip to be Square

We have a reputation in Seattle for enjoying the quirky side of life, but one place we like things nice and square is at our street intersections. When streets come together at non-right angles (as many in Seattle do), the intersection can be confusing for drivers and result in extra… [ Keep reading ]

Hickory, Dickory, Dock…the Mayor Restarts the Clock!

This past Tuesday Mayor Greg Nickels led the official restarting of King Street Station’s clocks, marking in part, the completion of the first phase of the restoration program. Members of the press gathered on the 11th floor of the station’s 245 foot clock tower to capture the first movements of… [ Keep reading ]

You’re just one click away

From a whole world of interesting questions that folks have been asking since we launched the SDOT blog in July. Have you ever wondered how to change a street name, how SDOT decides which streets to repave next, who owns the sidewalks or how traffic signal timing works with the… [ Keep reading ]