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Fixing Access and Taking Names

In an emergency, first responders need to know exactly where they’re going to help. But if a street address is hard to find, that can affect response time. That’s why emergency responders like Seattle Fire, Seattle Police, and UW Police requested street name changes for nine locations in the city…. [ Keep reading ]

Marching into the Weekend

Traveling in the city doesn’t always go as planned. Waking up late, losing the keys, or big events happening where you want to go can sometimes delay your plans. Let us help you travel a little easier by preparing you for upcoming road impacts and potential delays. There are several events… [ Keep reading ]

HALA for Transit Improvements

As we begin the new year, we continue our efforts to make Seattle an affordable and vibrant city for all its residents, including conversations and adjustments to the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA). On January 10, 2017, we attended a neighborhood HALA meeting at Optimism Brewing on Capitol Hill…. [ Keep reading ]

What’s in the Box?

Have you ever wondered what’s in those big metal boxes on street corners? Some may be painted and some may be plain aluminum –  but what goes on inside those things? If you happen to be at an intersection with a traffic signal, what you’re looking at is a signal controller cabinet.  These cabinets… [ Keep reading ]

How Clearer Cameras Help Clear Streets

Constant innovation is central to our mission of building a more connected city, and SDOT’s Transportation Operations Center (TOC) is always looking for new ways technology can help. We use Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices to monitor traffic throughout the city, and then share information on incidents with the public through dynamic… [ Keep reading ]

How We Decide Where to Install Traffic Signals

We have a new and improved process for deciding where to install new traffic signals. We’re now using data on expected growth, crash history, costs for partnering with developers, and equity to prioritize the roughly 9,000 intersections throughout Seattle without signals. Each year the top 10 intersections by these metrics… [ Keep reading ]

Transit Kiosks on 3rd Avenue Getting a Makeover

A crew of SDOT and King County Metro personnel have begun a refurbishing project on the 3rd Ave transit kiosks, swapping out 6 of the 10 kiosks along 3rd. This joint effort was needed to retrofit the kiosks with new equipment. SDOT had 6 temporary kiosks that can be used in the… [ Keep reading ]

What is the TOC?

The Transportation Operations Center (TOC) is the part of SDOT responsible for the general operation of the City’s street system. The TOC uses the latest technologies and resources to track and improve transportation throughout the city in real-time. We monitor live video cameras, traffic detectors, social media, 911 dispatch, and more for incidents which could impact Seattle’s… [ Keep reading ]

New Bilingual Street Name Signs!

The next time you’re in the International District you may notice some new signs. Crews recently installed new bilingual street name signs in the Little Saigon neighborhood. The signs are in English and Vietnamese, in the same style as existing bilingual street name signs in the Japantown and Chinatown neighborhoods. The… [ Keep reading ]

Traffic Signal Innovations

With the increasing demands of reliability and efficiency on the SDOT Signal system, the SDOT Signal Shop has started to experiment with new construction procedures and equipment that can make our system more robust and resilient. We’ve begun using steel mast arm signal poles which can double the life expectancy… [ Keep reading ]