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Summer Watering-1,865 Trees Each Week

  It’s a hard life for a young urban tree.  It is transplanted from an irrigated and fertilized nursery field and planted in a hot, dry planting strip where it must quickly develop roots.  Without irrigation, a large fraction of new trees wouldn’t survive the first summer.  SDOT trees, however, get… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT tree crews prune hundreds of trees on NE 125th St

  Tree-lined streets add beauty to our city, but, like other SDOT assets, require periodic maintenance.  For the Urban Forestry tree crew, routine maintenance means pruning.  The tree crew recently pruned hundreds of ash trees on NE 125th Street, from I5 to 35th Ave NE.  Pruning protects vehicles and pedestrians… [ Keep reading ]

Unimproved right-of-way adds environmental value

  Have you ever noticed a street that ends abruptly in a greenbelt or wooded area, then starts again a block away?  The area where there is no street is most likely an unimproved right-of-way, and they are scattered throughout the city.  Many are overrun by invasive vegetation, but they… [ Keep reading ]

Trees in the street: why we need them

  A question was posed at a recent urban forest symposium: if conditions are so challenging for survival of urban street trees, why do we bother planting them?  In fact, the benefits of street trees are greatest in dense urban areas surrounded by concrete.  The challenges, it is true, are… [ Keep reading ]

McGraw Square: Three Months In

  Leaves are expanding, a natural drainage area is planted, the Seattle Streetcar is stopping and people are enjoying McGraw Square, an SDOT construction project that officially opened in February 2011.  SDOT Urban Forestry crews planted a specimen Accolade Elm in a circular planter and four Greencolumn Maples in curbside… [ Keep reading ]

Last chance to plant

  Despite our cool spring, we are approaching the end of spring tree planting season.  Planting a tree is a shock to its system, so it’s best to ease it in to its new home.  Planting early in the spring before its leaves are out works well.  This refers to… [ Keep reading ]

Trail to the trees

  A walk is just a walk unless there is a destination, at which point it becomes an adventure.  If you’re looking for a great excursion, grab your bike/running shoes/walking shoes/rollerblades/family/dog and hit the Chief Sealth trail.  The trail starts at 15th Ave S and S Angeline St, crosses Beacon… [ Keep reading ]

Arbor Day AND Earth Day—a perfect match!

  Plant trees, pull weeds, and clean up the shores of Lake Union in celebration of Arbor Day AND Earth Day.  Volunteers will beautify a section of the Cheshiahud Loop on the eastern shore of Lake Union from Fairview Avenue N to Terry Pettus Park (E Newton Street). 

Trees and Sidewalks: Creative Solutions

Rights-of-way have limited space, but we try to fit a lot into them: streets, sidewalks, overhead and underground utilities, as well as trees and other vegetation.  Conflicts can arise between uses, notably trees and sidewalks.  SDOT Urban Forestry works closely with Street Maintenance, Capital Projects, and private property owners to… [ Keep reading ]

Rainier Pruning: Good For Trees and People

  On March 12th and 13th, SDOT Urban Forestry field crews wrapped up a large pruning project including approximately 159 trees on .4 miles of Rainier Ave S from S Cloverdale St to 51st Ave S.  Various city departments, including SPD, SDOT and DON, have been coordinating with community residents… [ Keep reading ]