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New trees fill canopy gaps on arterial streets

When a street tree dies or is removed it leaves an empty pit and a stump; a former asset becomes a potential tripping hazard and disheartening eyesore.   This is why we focus on replacement trees in fall.  Historically, SDOT has planted and maintained trees on arterial corridors where adjacent property… [ Keep reading ]

The Trees Have Arrived

On Wednesday October 12, a tractor trailer arrived at SDOT’s West Seattle Yard carrying a live cargo of 143 trees.  SDOT Urban Forestry gardeners unloaded the trees and are storing them until planting starts in early November.  Seven species of trees were purchased: paperbark maple, serviceberry, crabapple, Persian ironwood, American… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Gardeners spruce up West Government Way

Last week SDOT Urban Forestry gardeners responded to neighborhood safety concerns and conducted a work party on the West Government Way medians in Magnolia from 34th-36th Ave W-with excellent results.  The median is home to a variety of plants including maples, arbutus, hawthorns, viburnum, salal and ferns.  The medians soften… [ Keep reading ]

Get your trees ready for winter

Fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner; it’s a good time to check the health of your trees.  Large trees are important assets and shouldn’t inspire fear, but it is wise to hire an arborist for pruning and/or inspection periodically.   In all cases, knowledge of tree… [ Keep reading ]

Urban Forestry Permits: Questions and Answers

  Question: What types of permits does SDOT Urban Forestry issue?  Answer: We issue tree planting, pruning, and removal permits.  Question: Why are permits required for right-of-way tree work?   Answer: SDOT Urban Forestry is charged with stewardship of urban forest within the right-of-way; permits enable us to work with adjacent… [ Keep reading ]

Summer Tree Care

    Our short summer is drawing to a close, but your trees may need a little help getting through the last dry weeks.  If you see leaves wilting, dropping, or starting to turn color early, your tree may be suffering from drought stress.  If the soil around the base… [ Keep reading ]

Put down the weed whacker and step away from the tree

It’s time to go out and mow the lawn.  Almost done, there are just a few tufts of taller grass right up against a tree trunk.  It only takes a second with a weed whacker (or string trimmer) to remove the offending grass, but the tree might never recover.  Hitting… [ Keep reading ]

Illegal tree work in the right-of-way: bad for trees and people

When trees and people coexist, trees are sometimes mistreated, improperly pruned, or topped. When a tree is topped, its branches are all cut off at the same height.  Improper pruning encompasses making large, uneven cuts, taking off too much of the canopy or simply cutting branches in the wrong places. … [ Keep reading ]

Heritage Tree Program recognizes Seattle’s best trees

Is there a tree on your street that inspires awe every time you walk by?  How about in your backyard or in your local park?  Maybe it’s a Heritage Tree—or could be.  Seattle’s Heritage Tree Program evaluates and designates trees that residents have nominated.    Anyone can nominate a heritage… [ Keep reading ]

SDOT Gardeners Add Beauty to the Streets

Consider the work it takes to maintain an attractive and healthy garden.  Now imagine that the garden is surrounded on all sides by a busy street and each time you try to weed or prune or plant the garden, you have to close a lane of arterial traffic, set up… [ Keep reading ]