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Remembering Those We’ve Lost

This week, Seattle is observing World Remembrance Day and commemorating the 240 people who died in traffic incidents over the past 10 years. On Thursday, families who have lost loved ones, city employees, and first responders gathered at City Hall at an event organized by Seattle Neighborhood Greenways for a public… [ Keep reading ]

Creating Safe, Sustainable, and People-friendly alleys

Alleys are an important part of Seattle history, from the narrow walkways weaving through Pioneer Square to the public stairways climbing our many hills. Far more than just shortcuts, these paths have potential to become storefronts, celebrations, or play areas, and our Public Space Management team is here to help!… [ Keep reading ]

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Fall has arrived in the northwest with rainy weather and shorter days. The darker and wetter season leads to more collisions on our our streets, so please be extra aware no matter how you get around. Tonight, be extra mindful that Trick-or-Treaters will be out and about, and that the drizzly… [ Keep reading ]

Move Seattle Trees: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

You may remember that back in July we told you that SDOT would be doing a large majority of our tree planting this fall. The darker mornings and rain on our windshields can only mean one thing: it’s time to plant some trees. SDOT crews were in West Seattle last… [ Keep reading ]

Construction Hub Coordination in Action

When multiple construction projects are working close to one another, our Construction Hub Coordination Team steps in to minimize their collective impact on mobility. Just this week, we brought contractors together to keep pedestrian access open along Dexter Ave. While completing work that makes the sidewalk next to their site too… [ Keep reading ]

Be Prepared for Stormy Weekend

A storm is sweeping through Seattle this weekend. Although we don’t know exactly how strong it’ll be, we are recommending that everyone be extra cautious, and if possible avoid commuting, during this inclement weather. If you notice a downed powerline, DO NOT touch or approach it. Please report downed wires or… [ Keep reading ]

New Curb Bulbs at Burke-Gilman Trail Pop with Colorful Design

The Burke-Gilman Trail is getting a burst of color at the once grey intersection with 40th Ave NE. With just a bit of paint, street markings, and posts, we can create low-cost curb bulbs where data and community members tell us traffic safety is a concern. Curb bulbs are effective… [ Keep reading ]

Brake for Bananas?

Biking or walking to school in Seattle just keeps getting better. There are more Safe Routes to School than ever, more resources and grants for parents, more schools participating, and the cherry on top? Bananas. Banana Brakes is our new program to help kids kick off a fruitful school year… [ Keep reading ]

The First 2016 Pike People Street Pilot!

The first 2016 Pike People Street pilot Friday, October 7, drew steady crowds during its run from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. The test pilot gave people extra room to walk around, relax and connect. The rain tent strung with lights was popular for folks to hang out or eat…. [ Keep reading ]

Roosevelt Paving & Safety Project near completion!

Construction for the Roosevelt Paving & Safety Project is just about done! We started construction in March and crews have been hard at work repaving the street and building other safety improvements for people who walk, bike, drive, and ride transit in this section of northeast Seattle. Paving is complete Crews… [ Keep reading ]