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Seattle recently hosted the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Designing Cities 2016 Conference. NACTO is a coalition of city transportation departments committed to raising the state of the practice for street design and transportation by building a common vision, sharing data, peer-to-peer exchange in workshops, and regular communication among member cities…. [ Keep reading ]

Following the Data: Updating Parking in Seattle

SDOT has been adjusting on-street parking rates annually since 2010 based on data we collect each spring as part of the Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program. The 2016 Annual Paid Parking Study describes occupancy data from this year and last year and the program uses this information to determine parking rates. New rate… [ Keep reading ]

International Walk/Bike to School Day

Today is International Walk/Bike to School Day! Students throughout Seattle are enjoying our city’s Safe Routes to School by walking and biking to school today, part of our program to promote community, healthy lifestyles, and a cleaner environment. Here at SDOT, we developed school walk and bike maps to help you and your child determine… [ Keep reading ]

New Advanced Notice for Bike Lane or Greenway Closures

When you’re riding a bike (or travelling by any means, for that matter) an unexpected change in the path can be challenging to navigate. With our city in the midst of a construction boom, impacts to roadways, sidewalks and bike lanes are more common than ever. That’s why, starting this week, conditions for construction permit… [ Keep reading ]

Curb Ramps: How You Can Help Make a Difference

The City of Seattle strives to make city programs, services, and activities equally accessible to all. Features such as curb ramps, ramps, sidewalks, detectable warnings and street crossings are components of an accessible pedestrian network. Curb ramps are an important part of helping many people where they need to go…. [ Keep reading ]

October is Walk to School Month!

Or “Walktober,” as those in the know like to say! Walktober is a time for kids, parents and teachers to celebrate walking to school with fun events and activities. The goals of this month are to promote walking to school safely while having fun. Want to set up a Walk to School… [ Keep reading ]

Design Update for the S Lander St Bridge Project

The plan for the S Lander St Bridge Project is to build a bridge on S Lander St between 1st Ave S and 4th Ave S to reduce traffic delays while increasing safety and mobility for all users in that neighborhood. We’ve been hearing feedback from the community about its new… [ Keep reading ]

Transit Kiosks on 3rd Avenue Getting a Makeover

A crew of SDOT and King County Metro personnel have begun a refurbishing project on the 3rd Ave transit kiosks, swapping out 6 of the 10 kiosks along 3rd. This joint effort was needed to retrofit the kiosks with new equipment. SDOT had 6 temporary kiosks that can be used in the… [ Keep reading ]

Your Voice Has an Impact

It’s National Voter Registration Day today, a day to remind people of the importance of their voice – and not just when you vote for a President. Your voice has a local impact too. It shows in your votes for City Council members, the Mayor, and even program options we present… [ Keep reading ]

Local Jazz Legend Honored with Street Name Signs in the Central District

Ernestine Anderson was a legendary American jazz and blues singer who grew up in Seattle’s Central District and graduated from Garfield High School. Ms. Anderson’s prolific singing career spanned more than five decades and included more than 30 albums. She was a four-time Grammy nominee and performed at Carnegie Hall and… [ Keep reading ]